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I've been creative writing all my life, though with various haitus(es) along the way. IFrom 2010 I started this blog and enjoyed sharing writing and other information with everyone. illness and bereavement supplied the more recent hiatus.

Poems ~ Limericks

I tried poetry when I was a child and then became overwhelmed by it as a teenager in school. When I took a nine month creative writing course I started writing poems again, after the death of a beloved member of our family and since then I have enjoyed composing several poems and haiku.

My early forays into Poetry:
  1. Beauty of Hindsight
  2. Cerebral
  3. Commuting the Workload
  4. Conversational Coffee
  5. Going Loco
  6. Grief's Bouquet Garni I & II
  7. Love Embargo
  8. Nature's Compass
  9. Nelma Curd
  10. Nit Picking
  1. Pig in Clover
  2. Remembrance
  3. The Writing on The Wall
  4. With Bated Breath
  5. With Fresh Eyes
  6. Fragile Friendship
  7. A Positive Rejection
  8. Fleshing Out the Words 
  9.  Path of Creativity
  10.  Nanny's in a State! Potluck Poetry
  11. Her Voice competition entry 
  12. Your Loss Echoes Through A Silent Inbox 
  13. A Friendship Frogged 


Classical Limericks

Haiku Know How

  1. Frosty
  2. Coolville
  3. Doldrums
  4. Cold
  5. Scifi haiku
  6. Winter
  7. Easter
  8. Halloween Haiku Wednesday 
  9. Accident Haiku
  10. Preparing for Wednesday Haiku
  11. Direction Haiku Wednesday
  12. Hooked on Haiku for Noel
  13. Harmonious Haiku
  14. Crabby Haiku
  15. Some Ancient Haiku for You
  16. Resolutions Haiku 
  17. Elation Haiku
  18. Freestyling Haiku 
  19. Habits Haiku 
  20. Disclosing Those Haiku
23.  Integrity Haiku
24.  Hope Haiku
35.  Joy Haiku

  1. Recommend a Read ~ Haiku
  2. Weary Haiku
  3. Manners Haiku
  4. Distance Haiku
  5. Daring to Haiku
  6. Anticipation Haiku
  7. Raw Haiku
  8. Numbered Haiku
  9. Scare Haiku
  10. Flare Haiku
  11. Absent Haiku
  12. Feminist Flash Haiku Competition #3  
  13. Feminist Flash Haiku Competition #2  
  14. Feminist Flash Haiku 2011
  15. Pondering on Haiku
  16. Meditate Haiku
  17. Fleeting Haiku
  18. Sci-Fi haiku quest
  19. Malice Haiku #3
  20. Scifhaiku ~ How Novel!

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