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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Hi all Test post

I have been having trouble posting on my blogsite for some reason. Can't work out why. It is quite frustrating. I am using the html window of the posts to write this. If anyone one knows how I can resolve my problems, do please let me know. Thank you.

28.02.2018 I can access it via Explorer, so it's got something to do with Mozilla Firefox!

Whilst my hand is not fully back to normal, I have much more movement and use of it. I can just about make a fist now, pick up the kettle and use the iron, much to my husband's relief!


  1. Hi Madeleine ... sorry can't help. I type my things in Word and then copy across ... so don't use HTML ...

    However glad to see your hand is improving a lot ... and that you can at least make beloved a cup of tea!! Let alone those crease free shirts!

    Cheers from what was a snow Vancouver Island ... but sun out ... though clouds forming ... still at least some sun - cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, Bless you, I'm not writing HTML just using the part of the blog editing page because the normal one won't work for some weird reason.
      Yes it is amazing how many activites have been restricted, picking up a kettle or an iron and moving it around the garment; peeling and chopping. The strength and grip has improved since I got a good physiotherapist. The first one wasn't hands-on (excuse pun).
      Glad it is sunny. Today has been sunny here though very windy and colder. Blizzards in next week's forecast!

  2. Glad your hand is getting better! That must be a wonderful feeling.

    Sorry to hear about the blog problems. Wish I had some helpful advice. Good luck!

    1. Bless you Jess. Yes at leasr I have found a way to post. I may remove and reinstall Firefox to see if that will work.


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