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Friday, 2 December 2016

Crime Fiction

Did anyone see: 'Serial Killers - The Women Who Write Crime Fiction' on BBC TV?

Alan Yentob looked at the world of female crime fiction, interviewing some of its bestselling authors, including Patricia Cornwell, Val McDermid and also Paula Hawkins, whose The Girl on the Train was the breakout hit of 2015. 

 It's not one of read yet, but plan to, before I see the film. 

Interestingly, while these writers have great literary influences in the form of Agatha Christie, Patricia Highsmith, Ruth Rendell and PD James; new authors often have a wealth of experience of their own through newsroom crime desks, mortuaries, and forensic science /anthropology..

While some of us might be more sqeamish, these authors use the genre as a tool for greater understanding and control.


  1. I didn't see this programme, but did watch Andrew Marr's series, including the one about crime writing. That was interesting.

    1. Oh yes, I saw that series, too.
      It's worth getting the Yentob one on catch-up, though it warns that some viewers may find some things upsetting. The most disturbing bit seemed to be a little girl clutching a toy, viewing the forensic science doll's house models with blood spatter etc. and pondering who did what...!

  2. Hi Madeleine - I haven't watched it .. nor seen Alan Yentob's programme nor Andrew Marr's ... I'm not keen on horror - but enjoy forensic science and anthropology ... cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, I am the same really. I enjoy the science and the psychology, mostly. Madeleine

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