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Wednesday 23 December 2015

Why do adults read children's books?

When I tell some people that I'm reading children's literature, they frown askance and say, But those are for CHILDREN!

  • I laugh and say, BUT who writes children's literature?
  • It's not possible to write good children's literature unless you also read it and keep up with the trends
  • Children's literature provides a comforting escape from the stressful demands of life.
  •  I'm making up for all those years when I was a very poor reader.
Why do YOU read children's literature?


  1. Hi Madeleine - can I turn the tables and be child reading adult books! I was a good reader, now I struggle to sit and read a book and if I do - my head doesn't come out for a long time.

    Enjoy - and I bet there's lots to learn from all those books too ... Happy Christmas and New Year in the meantime .. cheers Hilary

    1. Now I hadn't considered that but yes my mother was the same. Thanks Hilary.

  2. Now and then, if I'm a bit jaded, I like to return to the books that inspired me as a child. The Secret Garden, for instance, is a fabulous book, and no-one is ever to old to read it!

    Happy Christmas.

  3. I love children's books! I fall right into the stories. I am always surprised when people say they don't read books for kids. It is fun to read all kinds of stories. :)

  4. Actually, I don't read many kids' books. I think the last ones I read were the Narnia books right before the first movie came out.
    Happy New Year!

    1. I can understand, Alex, though i have to say How much you miss ;O)


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