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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Blind spot flashing light auras

Hi guys, since I wrote my last post I have been getting lots of blind spot aura flashing light migraines which has stopped me computing. I've even invested in new specs, but am still getting them, fingers crossed they go as I settle into wearing them

I've still not written anything recently, myself, though I'm reading lots. 

I'm currently reading the Robin Stevens latest: First Class Murder. I didn't read much as a child, so I'm making up for it now. I have also read her first two and look forward to her fourth.
Have you read any of these?

What are you currently reading?
Blessings to you all. xx


  1. Hi Madeleine - I will be in touch! I'm sorry about the flashing light migraines - must be very uncomfortable. But if you can read - that's a bonus ... I just rarely read a book - lots of articles ... and I did read a few books this year - but mostly almost documentary type ones!

    Cheers and have a peaceful Christmas - Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary, well while I'm having them and sometimes for a day afterwards I can't do much, though TV, Mobiles and computer screens plus, certain sky light and electric light combinations contribute, plus some foods.

  2. So sorry to know about the flashing light migraines, Madeleine. It's very hard to find out what triggers them, but my daughter finds hers are worse when she's really tired or stressed - although those can be tricky to avoid! I hope yours settle down soon. These books look good - lovely covers! I'm about to read Grief is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter. xx

    1. Oh I've not heard of that novel. Sounds very interesting. Sorry to that your daughter gets migraines, too. I am aware that TV, Mobiles and computer screens, plus certain sky light and electric light combinations contribute, plus some foods.xx


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