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Friday, 20 June 2014

Sharing Through Authorship

They say 'Write what you know', which makes me think about the book I have recently been listening to, the audio version of 
At Knit's End by Stephanie Pearl -McPhee. 

As a fellow knitter and having become quite addicted, I can relate to so many things she says about being an avid knitter. 

However, there are some things I can only marvel at and others that make me feel glad that I now know that I'm not the only one who thinks or does whatever she has described. 

So if you ever doubt that what you are writing might not be worth the effort, I would suggest that you think of your potential readership and all the the shared gems and joys your writing may bring.


  1. In school we had classes wherein we were taught to knit. Initially it was difficult, but with my mom's help I managed.

    1. Good for you Rachna. I learned in school at age 11yrs. My mother could also knit. I didn't take it up again until I was 21yrs and then dabbled for a few years until 2009 when it all took off! x

  2. Hi, Madeleine,

    So true, there is always a target audience we must keep in our minds when we write something. There is a WHOLE world of readers with varied interests....

  3. Look out for my epic 'Eating my bodyweight in chocolate' coming soon! Or as soon as I've finished the research. Dark, milk, mint, praline and fruit and nut done, just got white and strawberry truffle to go.

  4. Hi Maddy. I like the positive point of view you've given here. Nice to see you back on the blogs.


    1. Bless you Denise, I'm not fully back yet, hope to sometime.:O)


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