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Monday, 12 May 2014


I am away from my blog for a while 

searching for my muse. 

In the meantime, if you happen to find it, 
please give it some encouragement, 
and then some 
Pulitzer ,
Gold Dagger 
or any other prize-winning tips
and then return it to me.
Thank you


  1. Can I just give it a good, swift kick?

  2. Hope it returns back home to you soon!

    1. Thanks Michael, I'd like that too AND with super powers! ;O)

  3. Hi Madeleine,

    Here's a funny story to cheer you up (while waiting for your naughty muse to return):

    Did you hear about the medical prescription written in the usual doctor's fashion?
    The patient used it for two years as a pass on the London Underground. Twice it got him into the Royal Albert Hall and once into Wembley Stadium. It came in handy as a letter from his employer to the cashier to increase his salary. And his brother-in-law played it on the piano and won a scholarship to the Milan Music Conservatory.

  4. Hi Madeleine .. good to hear from you ... I hope the better weather will bring your muse back to you .. but when you're ready - you've got lots going on and life is just simply not easy at times .. cheers Hilary


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