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Monday 24 February 2014

The Dark Ages

Hi all, I'm afraid we've been experiencing more hospital dramas with my parents. Quite a draining process, which has put me in mind of Christy Brown and Joey Deacon.

Does anyone remember these men? 

Both had Cerebral Palsy and were regarded as imbeciles, but neither were intellectually impaired. However, their speech could not be understood by most people.

My father has advanced dementia and is aware that strangers do not understand him, so in hospital he waits for me to arrive, then he opens his eyes and begins to communicate his needs. 

Sadly without my input, my father is treated like the Christy Browns and Joey Deacons of the past.  He may have lost many of his faculties, but he is still an intelligent man.

However, my father won't ever be able to write his own story...


  1. I'm sorry, Madeleine. It's a good thing at least you can understand him.

  2. I know how heartbreaking that is. My dad had dementia and was often mistreated by the staff who was caring for him. My sisters and I took turns going over there and because of our constant presence, he was treated with more dignity.

  3. Madeleine! I am so sorry to read about your dad. But he has you and your faith in him and that's what's important. Please take care

  4. It's so sad that your dad is going through this - and very hard for you as the child to see. But I'm glad he has you there to communicate with.

  5. Hi Maddy. I think whenever a loved one is hospitalised or in a facility, we must keep an close eye on them, as hard as this may be. I hope you have the strength to continue watching over your dad.

  6. I am sorry Madeleine. I hope God gives you the strength to watch over your dad.

  7. Hi Madeleine,

    Long time no write...

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad's worsening condition. Seeing parents suffer is heartbreaking and stressful, I know that all too well. If you can understand his words and sentences, it means his thoughts are still fairly logical which is a good sign.

    BTW, have you seen this?


    Your hubby could help in importing the idea to the UK, don't you think?

    1. Hi Katalin, Yes it has been a long time. I will try to check out the link when I'm feeling more lively. Thank you. I hope you are still enjoying writing.

  8. Bless you all. Today I am absolutely exhausted and your lovely wishes are very comforting at this awful time as Mum is still in hospital and may now also have cancer which means with dementia treatment is unlikely. Heartbreaking is the word. Bless you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.x

  9. I'm sorry for the problems you and your family are experiencing and can see how tiring it must be.

  10. Hi Madeleine - I totally appreciate what you are going through and it is very draining - your poor father ... I feel for him and I feel particularly for you, I was drained without the added worry of Alzheimers .... my thoughts are totally with you and the family ...

    Then your mother I see from your comment - just devastating and so so difficult and challenging to deal with ... you are giving them your best, and for now that is all you can do - your best for them .... just allowing your head above the parapet to keep in this world too ... it is your best for them that will be your thought redeemer in due time .... I know I couldn't do it al, but what I could do, over and above the expected, is what helps later on ... and I'm sure you are doing just exactly that.

    Much love and hugs - Hilary

    1. Bless you Hilary, thank you I appreciate your supportive words.x

  11. I'm so sorry. Madeleine,. I often think of you and how hard it must be.

    Take comfort from the fact that you are doing the absolute best that any daughter could possibly do. x

  12. Sorry to hear that. Caring can be a tough gig, but at least he has someone like you in his corner.


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