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I've been creative writing all my life, though with various haitus(es) along the way. IFrom 2010 I started this blog and enjoyed sharing writing and other information with everyone. illness and bereavement supplied the more recent hiatus.

Monday, 11 November 2013

A Write Edit Publish Topic ~Sharing

Here's a topic to get your creative juices flowing from Denise's monthly blog hop challenge:

Sharing: the joint use of a resource or space. 
What will your characters share?

Will you choose prose or poetry to describe the scene in which your characters weave their tale?

Sign up to the Linky at Write Edit Publish and post your entry on 22nd November 2013 and get some great feedback and writing practice.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Showing Well

Before I go into my post, I would just like to say I have missed you all.

I came back (in my last post) and then my Dad needed me, because his nursing home had begun to neglect him badly, which meant a lot of phone calls and travelling and anxiety and heartache
I also  got migraines from all the tension and so had to stay away from the computer til today. Now my father has finally moved a few miles away from me to a new home, but he's extremely frail and so for however long we have together, I shall do my best to make him know how loved and special he is to me.

My latest read is Brick Lane by Monica Ali and I just had to share these excellent showing excerpts:

1. Razia lit up and light grey trails from her nose mingled with the fibrous tendrils of her hair. 

You can just see it can't you?

2. "Yes, then he wants a Year Off!" She spoke the words as if they were two turds dangling from the end of a stick.

Now doesn't that capture the mood and the tone of the words well?