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Monday, 2 September 2013

Novel Films II #1 Novel Don'ts

Day 1 ~ Are there any novels you have seen as films/ TV adaptations in which the novel left you cold? OR vice versa?

I have consumed a vast collection of novels and related films, equally of which I adore. However, there are a few novels for which I confess enjoying the films/ TV adaptations, but just couldn't get into the novels...

I'm sure there are plenty who would disagree and I appreciate they likely have different tastes and expectations to mine.

I guess since film/ TV and writing are separate/diverse media it is understandable that this can happen, when reading and viewing preferences/appetites differ.

 How about you?


  1. I must admit to not really enjoying Never Let Me Go the book so I just didn't bother with the film - which is a shame as I LOVED Ishiguro's Remains of the Day and the film of that book I thought was PERFECT!!! Oh that end shot of Hopkins' and Emma Thompson's hands parting... oh blubbing like a big baby, me!! Take care

  2. Although I never read The Hobbie novel, I did see the movie. While watching it, I thought it was good. However, after really thinking about the various scenes, I thought the movie overall "okay". So, I definitely agree with your opinion about the movie.

  3. I haven't read The Firm but love the movie - it's one of my faves. Haven't seen the Hobbit movie but love the book. I enjoy both the book and movie versions of Bridget Jones. :)


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