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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Writing Dates and Covers ~Author Interview#2 ~ MiloJamesFowler


What a wonderful idea; writing dates in coffee shops!

You and me both, I enjoy design as much as writing.

 Does anyone else go on writing dates or enjoy designing their own covers?
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  1. Hi Madeleine and Milo - how lovely to have writing dates in coffee shops with your wife - but more importantly how fabulous that she is so supportive ..

    Design .. I'm about to get into that arena - I shall be interested to see how it goes (I am no artist) ...

    Interesting to read - and good luck to both of you as you continue along your 'author-raod' .. Hilary

  2. Writing dates in coffee shops? That sounds so cool!
    Design? I wish I could draw. I actually thought about taking a basic sketching/illustration course... but not enough time available to do so...
    Writer In Transit

    1. Yes, I loved that idea too.
      I did some design, though it's always been my passion.
      Maybe there is a computer design course in your area?


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