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Tuesday 6 August 2013

IWSG ~ August 2013

There is no doubt about it, I tend towards being an insecure writer (see Monthly bloghop hosted by Alex J Cavanaugh ) 

However, I am working towards improving on this. As I mentioned in a previous post,  I have recently started reading Writing and Selling your Novel by Jack M. Bickham, 

and one thing I feel proud of regarding my writing is the fact that my on demand Flash Fiction composition has matured since I started tackling the challenges set in various blog hops over the past 3 years.

If you have trouble with on demand writing why not try participating in some of these challenges:

Have you tackled a particular area of your writing lately that you felt needed improving?
Have you seen improvement? 

Oh and don't forget to sign up to my Novelfilms II blog-hop 


  1. I have made a real effort to write more recently. I've joined in Sally Q's 100k in 100 days part 2 and it is working - I might not reach the target, but I'm writing than I was previously. (I know quality is more important than quantity, but more quantity allows me to edit more ruthlessly!)

  2. Madeleine Sara 3 days ago -
    That's a good point Patsy. The more we write the better we get and the more we have to edit. I don't write enough that's my problem!
    Michael Di Gesu 1 day ago -
    Yes, Denise really came up with a winner... I love the concept of her new blog and blog hop!!! Such fun!

    It's always good to challenge ourselves in our writing. It makes us stronger. Like any craft, it will season with practice and age...

    denise covey 3 days ago -
    I'm jazzing up Google+ and saw this! Thank you Maddy and Michael. x
    Hello Maddy! Wow! Thank you for the shout out for our group, WEP. Lovely of you. You've certainly been a supportive member of RFW over the years, and I hope we can continue into the future, improving our writing together. I've written far more than I ever would without the prompts at RFW and that is why I couldn't bear to see it disappear!

    Here's to the amazing success of WEP, as we join each other in our creative efforts together.


    Madeleine Sara 2 days ago

    You are welcome Denise, yes I agree with you.
    Alex J. Cavanaugh 3 days ago -
    Denise's group is great. And I'm mentioning your blogfest tomorrow.

    Madeleine Sara 2 days ago

    Bless you thanks Alex.
    Trisha F 3 days ago -
    I'm signed up for the challenge, but I have no idea what I'm going to write for it. I should probably devote some time to figuring that out this coming weekend. ;)

    Reply Madeleine Sara 2 days ago

    Brilliant Trisha, thanks :O)

  3. Thanks for the tips on the writing challenges. I mostly struggle with the 'you should write every day' advice.
    I try and fit it in but sometimes it's tricky. I'm managing about four days out of seven so far, which isn't bad but I'd like to improve.

    1. I guess setting a goal of even 500 words would be a start. I agree I am terrible at writing every day...


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