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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Speculative Fiction and D'oh

Hi everyone, just to say I've not been logging on because the computer has been exacerbating my migraines and I know I keep saying it but I do expect to return to Blogland when the fog of life lifts.

So I thought I'd let you know what I have been reading and enjoying in the Speculative Fiction genre.

When She Woke by Hillary Jordan

Both hubby and I enjoyed this enormously.

And yes, I finally succumbed and read  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (which is far better than the film, though the film is better than expected) Literally Un-put-downable!

I am now reading the second in the trilogy Catching Fire. I also have the third, Mocking Jay.

I also read the Ally Condie Trilogy  
Matched, Crossed, Reached, which I confess I enjoyed less and toward the end was forcing myself to finish it. Sadly, the ending of the last book did not satisfy either.

What are you views on these novels?


  1. Hi Madeleine .. I hope the debilitation migraines can be eased - they must be very unpleasant and I'm glad I don't suffer.

    I haven't read any of those .. but am glad both you and hubby have been enjoying them and the chance to read ...

    See you when you feel up to it .. cheers Hilary

  2. I haven't heard of When She Woke. I'm adding it to my TBR. LOVE the Hunger Games Trilogy and hope you keep enjoying it! Matched was by far my favorite of that trilogy.

  3. Hunger Games trilogy is great, looking forward to the next film. Sorry to hear about your migraines that must be horrible.

  4. Did you mean you're reading the third book?? Because Catching Fire is the second in the trilogy. I hope you're not reading them out of order by accident!! That might get confusing, lol. I liked the first Hunger Games book. Definitely unputdownable! I agree that the movie was better than expected; the screenplay stuck pretty well to the novel.

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  5. Bless you Hilary and Suzanne, yes migraines are a pain, literally! ;O)
    I agree Robin about Matched, though it had a slow start.

    LOL Laura, yes I realised that I'd made the mistake, catching fire is a blue book and mocking jay is fiery orange hence my mistake. Will change it now. x

  6. One of my daughters has read the same books as you have, Madeleine, and agrees with all you've said about them. She is urging me to read The Hunger Games and I did enjoy the film, so I'm tempted.

    I'm enjoying reading The Hours by Michael Cunningham. Having watched the film recently after years of wanting to, I couldn't resist it. I just wish there were more hours in the day for reading! x

  7. I loved the Hunger Games trilogy. Enjoyed the film and am looking forward to the second. I'm having computer problems too, or rather blogger problems. My posts don't show up in feeds.

  8. Hi Madeleine, I hope you get rid of the migraine fast. Loved the Hunger Games Trilogy.

  9. Hope the migraine is better - I had a huge one last night so I can commiserate!

    I've yet to read the Hunger Games. It's been on my list forever.

  10. Thanks Rachna, Hoanna, Denise, Talli, I'm glad your migraine is better too, talli.

    I have been quite busy/ tired lately, hence lack of blogging.x

  11. Although I loved the premise of When She Woke, I didn't love the direction it took midway through. The Hunger Games is one of my top favorite series ever. It just has so much going for it. Matched intrigued me because it was like Lowry's The Giver but from a female's point of view. Ultimately, however, the series kind of loses momentum. I have full reviews of all of these books on my blog - http://matchedmanuscripts.wordpress.com. I'm a new follower too! Found you when I moved my old Blogger site to Wordpress. Happy reading and writing!

  12. Hi Kirsten, thanks for following my blog. yes I agree about 'Matched', though I was happy with how 'When She Woke' progressed.I have not heard of Lowry's The Giver.


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