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Thursday 30 May 2013

Read For RNIB Day

Check out the link: Read For RNIB Day  If you live in the UK

I volunteer for the Royal National Institute for the Blind doing text editing to braille and large print; creating maps and diagrams in braille and large print and also doing some audio editing of others' beautifully read audio material for partially sighted and blind clientelle.

It's very satisfying and I thoroughly recommend it, so go on.

Do you read beautifully? 
Or can you take part in any of the other events to promote awareness and volunteer help?

Why not volunteer on 11th October for this worthwhile cause?


  1. I wish the U.S. had something like this. What a great event. My mom and two of my uncles have retinitis pigmentosa (it's a degenerative eye disease; my uncles are legally blind, but luckily my mom hasn't progressed that far; she has only tunnel vision, though, and can't see at night). I'll have to look into it and see if there's anything like this here. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  2. Yes I am sure they must. Do let us know if you find something. Poor Mum & Uncles, that must make things difficult for them.

    My dad has PCA, which means he's blind even though his eyes can technically see, but his brain doesn't properly interpret what he sees, which makes his Alzheimer's even more scary for him.x

  3. What a great cause! A local friend of mine write a book for the visually impaired.

  4. This is such a worthwhile cause, Madeleine. I have very bad sight, especially at night, but at least mine is correctable with lenses and I am so grateful for that. I shall have a look at the site now. Many thanks for letting us know. x

  5. Hi Madeleine .. I remember you helping the RNIB before .. so I must do something this year ... I went to a funeral yesterday and the RNIB had sent a wreath of poppies for Joan, as she was nearly blind and needed help towards the end of her life. As too my uncle ..

    So I'll keep this open and next week - check out the local sites etc .. and put it in my diary ..

    Cheers .. Hilary

  6. What a good cause Madeleine. Wish we had something like this in India.

  7. Bless you all lovely ladies Mary, Joanna,Rachna, Hilary.
    Yes I can empathise with those whose eyesight is failing I have trouble myself so much more these days, too. x

  8. What a fab event! Thanks for the info lovely Madeleine!! I read horribly and have a most ugly voice (seriously!! LOL!) but I shall certainly have a rummage round to see how else I may help!!

    p.s. awww thanks for the clip of amazing Nora the piano playing kitty!! Such talent! Take care

  9. This does sound like a very worthwhile event. Thanks for sharing it -- don't think I would have known about it otherwise.


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