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Thursday 25 April 2013

Do you use Psychology to diagnose your characters?

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Do you use Psychology as a basis for creating your characters?


  1. I guess not directly. But I use behavior I've witnessed, or sometimes other characters. I often think about how I'd react. so maybe all my characters are a psychological study of myself. lol

    Do you consciously use it?

  2. This looks interesting, Madeleine. I do talk to my characters when I'm alone and sometimes I pretend to walk in their shoes or imagine I've phoned them so I can decide how they behave and speak. And often I don't fully understand them! xxx

  3. Joanna & Mary, yes I you are giving your characters life in that way, too.

    Good question Mary. Since my first degree was in psychology and I am automatically drawn to behavioural and social psychology TV/ literature I guess the answer would be YES!

  4. Thanks for the mention! I think writers make great psychologists because we study human behavior in order to make better characters which is all psychology is. I know that as I develop my characters I try to use what I have learned in my psychology classes to make a more in-depth character.

  5. Looks interesting, Madeleine, thanks for posting and the links!


  6. Nope. They tend to just walk in and do their own thing. :-)

  7. I think I use reverse psychology to make them do what I want them to... =]


  8. Thanks Romance
    LoL Milo, Good one! ;O)

    Yes Misha, I guess I tend o do that, though I do tend to bear the Psychology in mind. I dislike novels and films where the characters appear to behave completely out of character to further the plot/ cause some conflict.

    My pleasure Josh.

  9. I talk to my characters while I write them. I also do some research and use my own experiences to make them more realistic and reasonable. But using psychology is interesting. Maybe i should try it next time.


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