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Sunday, 30 September 2012

W1S1 and IWSG September ~ Limerick

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So did I achieve my  Write1Sub1, goal ? Well,  I recently realised that writing without worrying about it is so liberating.

I submitted a 250 word Flash Fiction story for an online competition, though that particular one didn't get shortlisted/ chosen, I'm afraid.

However, I have written another two 1,000 word crime suspence stories and did not allow my inner critic a look-in and it worked!

I wrote them as writing exercises and enjoyed the finished results. Had I written them as stories to submit then my brain would have erected barracades and filled its moats with murky croc infested water and not allowed me past the gate.

Do you over cook your stories?
Usually I over-think my stories while I'm physically writing them so that  my brain seems to seize up with the effort. Now I start the first paragraph, then leave my writing to do some chores. In the meanwhile my brain starts playing around with the ideas in a much more relaxed and creative way, so that when I return to writing the story I have a much better idea of what to write.

I've also re-written a poem and submitted it to a competition

and finally September 22nd was World Rhino Day ,so following Mad Kane's excellent example I have written my own Limerick for it:

A writer with rhinoceros hide
Can endure the most cutting aside
As the critics attack
Every barb cuts their back
Yet they stay resolutely dry-eyed.

I've been transferring my Cloth Figure Website that I started 10 years ago to Blogger here


  1. Oh, I often over think everything. Before I really got into the writing world, I just wrote. That was all. It was wrong and horrible, but there was something wonderful about just writing, not thinking about what people might think of it, not worrying about whether or not I'd one day be a literary wonder (will never happen). It was just writing and sometimes I really miss that. I'm glad you got to experience that with your short stories. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Hi Madeleine!

    Sounds like you had fun just writing.

    All the best with the poem!

  3. Very clever limerick. I enjoyed it. And congrats on all your other writing too!
    Madeleine Begun Kane

  4. I so agree, Madeleine. I've been doing the same thing. I've spent the last week writing in my way, without any competition restrictions in mind. It's been so lovely that I think I'll carry on like this for while and only submit when my stories happen to match the guidelines, rather than writing them to order. I've sort of sworn off competitions at the moment in order to feel freer. I noticed that my earlier writing, when I didn't know if I would be submitting it or not, was less stilted and forced. I was writing what and how I wanted instead of struggling to fit it into a format.
    I've had the best writing week for ages as a result and put together a collection of stories that add up to 30,000 words. It's still very rough, but it comes from the heart and I feel really satisfied with it.
    Best of luck with yours. I'm glad it's going so well. x

  5. Joanna, Nas and TC Sounds like you've all seen the light too LOL! It's great isn't it?

    Glad you enjoyed my rhino limerick Madeleine ;O)

  6. I tend to over think everything, both in real life as well as my stories.

  7. It sounds like you've been very productive... and your Lascaux entry is really awesome! I love the way you incorporated the picture prompt into the story!

  8. Hi Rachna, lovely to hear from you.

    Bless you Michelle! With 250 entries it didn't get short listed though. :'(

  9. When I get stuck writing, I like to take the dog for a walk or do some mindless chore, that always seems to do the trick.

  10. I over-think things, too. Good for you on shutting down your inner critic!

    I love your limerick!

  11. It's great you're writing and submitting small pieces. Way to be productive!

  12. The cooking is what slows down my first draft. I'm always thinking. Although, it needs to be cooked to a certain point before I can start.

    Yay on getting all those stories done.

  13. I'm the same way, but instead of chores I go for a run. :) lol Which is probably why my chores never get done.

  14. Need to get me some of that rhino hide.

    Good post, congrat's on your success!

  15. yes!!! I've experienced this as well. And when I stop fretting and just write, then the words flow.

  16. I never seem to learn. When I overthink, I hardly get much done. When I don't, I even manage to surprise myself at times. Thanks for reminding me that writing is all about enjoying the craft, despite pressures and all.

  17. Sounds like you've found the perfect way to write. Over thinking can kill a great story.

  18. I think about my stories when I do chores or go for a walk. Then I go back to my desk with better ideas and an easier flow.

    I love the idea of write 1 sub 1.

  19. Rhino hide -- yes! Proud of you for sticking with Write1Sub1. =]

  20. I can't remember the author who said it, but it was something about her best stories being written while she does the dishes.

  21. Missed P - I love the idea of writing one's best while doing the chores.

    Thank you Theresa, Golden eagle and Milo :O)

    Medeia, Ellie, Yolanda, Lynda - I'm glad I'm not alone I this discovery.

    Ssusan, Stina, Mary - Ah yes, the writer's blcok conundrum is anorther way to stifle stories


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