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Friday, 17 August 2012

"What If?" Fairytale Madness Blogfest

This fun Blogfest is running from 15th - 17th Aug to Friday this week. Our mission, if we chose to accept it, was to pick a classic fairytale and tweak it by altering "one detail, one event, one character trait, one thought". There are four categories: Plot Twists, Love Stories, Comic Relief and Tragedy. Participants are to think of a well known fairytale and ask "what if…" From there, they must write a 300 word (max) Flash Fiction illustrating this new detail of the fairytale that changes everything.

Plot Twist - Judged by Cassie Mae
Love Story - Judged by Morgan Shamy
Tragedy - Judged by Leigh Covington
Comic Relief - Judged by Mark Koopmans

Cinders Fella by Madeleine Maddocks
Cinderella’s stepmother, whom she referred to as the witch, together with her two obnoxious step-sisters, had left her doing laundry when the Prince’s Valet arrived with the glass slipper. She had followed at a safe distance, watching as the three women heaved themselves into the ample chairs like three lumpy mattresses. Cinderella saw them take off their shoes in preparation for trying on the glass slipper, knowing for certain, that there was no way any of them could fit into that delicate item of footwear.
                When the Valet bent down to fit the shoe to her stepmother’s large, gnarly feet, he bobbed up again quickly, taking out his ‘kerchief and blowing his nose.
“It must be a slight fit of the snuffles, Madam.” He said, his eyes watering as he held the kerchief firmly to his nose. He shook his head. “I’m afraid Madam, it doesn’t fit you”.
He cast his eyes over the sisters’ feet, with a grim expression. Trying the slipper against Edwina’s foot, the Valet shook his head again. Cinderella knew that, if she had been able, her stepmother would have done anything in her power to secure the Prince’s hand-in-marriage for one of her own repulsive daughters. She smirked, imagining how the witch would react when she claimed the glass slipper herself and married her beloved Prince.
A loud sneeze momentarily drew everyone’s attention away from the slipper.
“It must be catching” her stepmother snuffled, winking at her eldest daughter, Perpetua.
Cinderella’s smile died on her face as the awful truth hit her. The glass slipper had transformed in size, so that it now fitted her eldest step-sister’s foot, perfectly.
The Valet’s features quickly changed from horrified to blank subservience.
“Lady Perpetua” he bowed. “The Prince will be delighted that we have finally found his betrothed.”                              
(300 words)

Could this have a tragic ending... Can Cinders win back her Prince before his wedding to evil step sister, Perpetua?

Sorry everyone my Genre Blogfest entry posted up too early, so I have rescheduled it for 17th Sept. Thanks to those who commented.


  1. Awwww... crap! Nooooo! Bad twist! Bad twist! LOL...

    I loved it. Loved your humor. "It must be a slight fit of the snuffles" <---Ha!

    And loved the lumpy mattress analogy. Very fun!

  2. Bad, Bad witch...but that's life...Poor Cindrella will have to wait for her Prince.
    Damn fun.

  3. Oh no!! That's so cruel!! Poor Cinderalla!! Oh but what a wicked fun twist! Take care

  4. Yeah, I can believe if the wicked stepmother were an evil witch, she'd make the slipper bigger so it would fit one of her daughters' feet! Really good twist. Those glass slippers are a good plot device to use when thinking of "what if?" scenarios.

  5. Cinders is better off without that foppish foot fetishist anyway!

  6. Aw, poor Cinderella!

    (Though whenever I think about the story, I wonder why she couldn't just find a way to get to the shoe directly . . . or why he wouldn't recognize her.)

  7. Love the lumpy mattress analogy!! Nice work, those tricksy stepsisters!

  8. Ack! NO! Poor valet, and poor prince. Great rewrite/twist!

  9. NO! Not the repulsive step-sister!?
    The "lumpy mattress image" gave me a good laugh. I enjoyed your tale.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. LOL! Glad you enjoyed my twists and metaphors ;O)
    Bless you all for your lovely comments.

  11. Great twist, although I feel bad for Cinders.

  12. Excellent twist. I don't know who I feel more sorry for, Cinderella because she lost the prince, The Prince because he'll have to marry Perpetua, or the Valet, because he had to touch their horrible feet!

  13. Oh man! Indeed, a tragic twist :( Poor Cinderella.
    Fun entry! Thanks for participating in the fest.

  14. I loved the touches of humor in this. Great job, but poor Cinderella, and OY! the poor PRINCE!

  15. A little magic goes a long ways :)

    This is funny Maddy.


  16. That scheming witch. Oh well, maybe the truth will still be revealed at some point!

  17. Love the twist on an old fairytale, Madeleine! :)

  18. Hi Madeleine .. great story turning - and yes there's definitely another twist or two here ...

    Cheers Hilary

  19. Hey, this is great, Madeleine! Very nice work. =]

  20. What a fun concept for a blog- now following!

  21. Hello!
    Well done. Nice twist on a favourite.

  22. Aw shucks. She was *this* close. But at least she won't have to live with one of her snotty sisters. :)

  23. A very unexpected twist... Nicely done!

  24. Hey Madeleine,
    Yes, it's me, the um 'Prince Charming' of the magical blogland :)
    Talk about getting off on the wrong foot. A very intriguing twist of the tale.
    Must go now, my carriage seems to be turning into a pumpkin...
    Nice one, Madeleine.
    Magical writing, your way, Gary :)

  25. You're mean - LOL! Poor Cinderella. You have to fix this :)
    Great twist!

  26. aw, poor Cinderella. Great twist on the fairytale.


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