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Friday 3 August 2012

Ultimate Sacrifice eBook Launch Tour #3

This week is the Launch Tour of my first eBook short story
Ultimate Scarifice,
with reviews, interviews and promotion posts,
Available NOW for download
at Amazon.

I am delighted that more lovely bloggers are helping promote the launch:

Medeia Sharif is hosting a promotion post

Donna Hole will be doing a chapter review.

and on Saturday 4th Sharon Lucchesi will reviewing the eBook short story here, at Scribble and Edit.

More launch dates here 
My Huge thanks also to Joy, Karla, Carol, Ol Kitty, Heather, Alex J Cavanagh, Denise, Kyra and Milo as well as any other lovely who is not listed here who has already put up posts, links, tweets and facebook comments and all those who have downloaded my short story so far.

My HUGE thanks to them. See Monday's post for the next blog tour links.
Ultimate Sacrifice,
with reviews, interviews and promotion posts,
Available NOW
for download


Since there's more than one bombshell in this novel, I am organising a Bombshell Launch Party to celebrate the forthcoming release of my eBook Ultimate Sacrifice on 1st August now extended to 7th Aug.

Come dressed to kill, ready to drop that bombshell on someone you have always admired, longed to meet, wish to get even with or just simply envy. It’s the chance to say what you’ve been keeping repressed (real or imagined). Just have a blast!

If you have a blog and you'd like to take part, all you need to do is post a picture or description of your chosen person
along with the bombshell you’d like to drop.



  1. Well done you!!! Yay!! And it's now available - and FREE - so that's just brilliant!! take care

  2. Sounds fun, but I think I've released all of my bombs already.


  3. I'll post your launch on Monday, Madeleine. Congrats!

  4. congrats and way to go! good luck!


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