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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Show the Love in Every Genre

Relationships are part of life and are included in every genre. True romance just steps up the ante a little, focusing on the couple and describing their feelings and intimacy.
Romantic Friday Writers are hosting another challenge this Friday.

Taking part in these challenges is a great way to hone your writing skills.
As long as there's an element of romance in the piece you submit then that's fine.

This week it's the Romantic Picnic.
You get to choose the POV and have free reign within the chosen title,
but remember to follow the submission/challenge guidelines
to ensure you're in with a chance of being chosen
for any coveted RFW awards.


Of course things between
your hero and heroine could turn sour,
that's up to you. You can even write from the hero's viewpoint if you wish. 

Just have fun with it.Add a dash of humour? Play with the food? Let yourself go...

Use it as a great practice piece for Flash Fiction or Poetry or even a collection of haiku.

Just sign up to the linky on the Thursday before submission date and have a blast!
If you miss this particular challenge,
guidelines for future challenges can be found


  1. I probably should do this, but I just have too much jangling around in my head at the moment. I need to sit down and focus better.

  2. I know I should jump back into the pool, but I'm like Angela with too much jangling around.

  3. i love reading what you all write. I need to get more into my projects at the moment.

  4. Nice plug for Friday's post. I need to get working on mine! I've been thinking about it but haven't come up with anything yet

  5. Thanks Maddy! I appreciate you posting this shout out. It'd be lovely to have more entries but as the above comments show, people all have projects and don't prioritise RFW. There is a lot of demands on our time. No matter how frantically busy I am with my myriad projects, I'd feel very lost if I didn't have my RFW fix every fortnight. I really believe I've improved in my FF writing just doing these prompts.

    Linky is now up...hope you get the time to write for us this week.


  6. Everybody seems to be so busy this summer. I do read quite a few of the RFW posts but haven't actually entered any yet. Most of my writing is for children at the moment! If you are interested I have left you a tag to the 'Be Inspired' meme.

    Look forward to reading some picnic inspired posts.

  7. Angela, Kitty & Mary, I hope one day to see you at RFW. Glad you enjoy reading the excerpts.

    Thanks Heather and Denise I look forward to seeing your entries tomorrow.
    Suzanne, bless you thanks.

  8. Interesting challenge. I have a lot on my plate right now but maybe in the future I'll give it a go.

  9. Oh, sounds like fun! I'm typing up my newest story, so if I get a likely looking scene, I might just do this...

  10. I really would have liked to join, but I'm struggling to write what I'm supposed to, so I don't really have time to join in RFW yet.

    Maybe one day soon. :-)

  11. All of my fiction has a romance theme. One of these days I need to join this group.

  12. Thanks Diane, Clarissa, Misha and Deniz. Hope you find a moment to enter the next challenge. I've already prescheduled mine...


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