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Monday, 6 August 2012

Limericks and Ultimate Sacrifice launch #5

Ms.Kane's weekly first line prompt Bloghop
Here are my offerings from the last prompt.
(1st line is provided the rest is up to the participant)
A gal who was known for her flash
Used to drive with a certain panache.
With a wink and a smile
She would use all her guile
And just hope she had brought enough cash.

A man who was known for his flash
Used to drive with a certain panache.
With a twinkle in his eye
He’d perform a drive by
And then show all the ladies his stash.

A man who was known for his flash
Had a wife who was terribly brash.
They squandered their savings
On ‘must haves’ and cravings
Most of which seemed to end up as trash.

A gal who was known for her flash
Had the nickname of Lady Whiplash.
From her quiet retreat
She was very discreet
But my, did she know how to thrash!

A gal who was known for her flash
Had a look that could turn men to ash.
She was quite the Hot Chick
And her actions were slick
As she carved up their lives in one slash
A man who was known for his flash
On account of his handsome moustache;
As his wedding day loomed,
Had his gorgeous ‘tache groomed
So he could walk down the aisle with panache

Today these lovely bloggers are helping promote the launch om my eBook novella:

L' Aussie is hosting an interview about the book.

Lynda R Young is hoping to post at a later date.

and on 7th August The Golden Eagle will be doing a chapter review.

Mary Pax and Martin will also be posting a promotion post.
My HUGE thanks to them
and to everyone who has supported my first eBook launch.

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  1. Loving the limericks!

    I hope the blog tour continues to go well for you!

  2. Those limricks are awesome. I can't think that fast on my feet, but I sure enjoy the style.

    I'll check out the blog posts for your book launch :)


  3. ha, I love the limmricks. Thanks for the mention (I sent you an email).

  4. Love love love your limmericks! LOL!!! You're truly brilliant with them!!!

    Onwards and upwards with Ultimate Sacrifice!! Yay! take care

  5. Thank you Kyra, Donna, Lynda and Old Kitty.
    Bless you all for your lovely comments and support.

  6. Hi Madeleine, other people are gradually adding comments to my blog, do feel free to pop along and reply.

  7. lol Those are great limmericks. Happy to help get the word out for you Madeleine.

  8. Those are great limericks! :)

    The chapter review is up on my blog.

  9. Hi Madeleine - your limericks are always so spot on and I love them.

    I want to get your ebook novella -and will do in due course ... I'm working my way through life - slow but sure.

    Good luck with all the promo ...

    Cheers Hilary


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