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Thursday 9 August 2012

Guess the Novel Haiku

Can you guess these Novels from their Haiku synopsis ?

Okay to make it easier I have added the answers, Can anyone fit the correct book title/ number
with the correct haiku?


to all those who have given me and continue to give me such overwhelming support for my eBook launch. You are all wonderful!

258 copies were downloaded in the launch week which is awesome!


  1. Oh man. I have no idea. But they sound awesome!

  2. I must be totally dense today. A couple sound familiar, but I can't call up the titles. Hope you post the answers tomorrow!

  3. amazing number of downloads! well done

  4. Awesome on the downloads.

    OK, I think the first is Pride & Prejudice. I'll guess #4 is Practical Magic. Not sure of the others. Very clever.

  5. 258 copies? Awesome! I've been away from my computer in the backwoods of Maine, but I'll start tweeting ASAP.

  6. Congratulations on the downloads!

    I have no idea at the haikus . . .

  7. I can't figure them either, but I love the way they sound.

  8. I can't figure out any of these :(
    Congratulations on so many downloads! I hope you have many more to come

  9. Bravo Mary Pax! you have one. Clever lady.

    Thanks to everyone for your lovely supportive comments.

    But where are those guesses? ;O)
    I thought the washer woman one would be the EASIEST of all!


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