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Tuesday 10 July 2012

Two clear favourites

Many thanks
to all of you who took the trouble to vote on my book covers,
as you can see there have been two clear, quite diverse favourites:

and so I have decided on a compromise by amalgamating the two:
Royalty free images courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net 
How does that grab everyone?
How hard have you found designing book covers for your own books?

Coming soon!
Sharon Lucchesi will be reviewing the book, here,
for you.


  1. I love that cover. The central image is beautiful.

    Designing my cover has been a hair tearing experience. My aunt is doing the art work for the cover design, and then I'll have to play around with the fonts and sizes for the actual cover. The cover is so important, I'm really quite stressed.

  2. Bless you, thanks Stephanie. Sorry you're having headaches over your cover design/launch. I'm trying to stay cool about it all. Good luck! x

  3. I like the compromise! It keeps the simplicity of #2, but adds one more color/element to the page!

  4. I didn't get to vote!! Awww not fair!! But the amalgamated one is GORGEOUS!! Well done you! Take care

  5. Thanks Dianne, glad you like it.

    Old Kitty, Bless you! Of course you may vote via comment box under that post, but the poll was causing blogger to throw wobblies, so I removed the link...

  6. I like the combination of the two covers!

  7. I really loved no 3, but I can live with this combo, lol!


  8. The cover is really cool. And I'm so excited for you. I hope all goes well with the release date.

    I sent you a reply e-mail.


  9. I think the combo was the way to go - best of both :-) Looking forward very much to the review!

  10. That's quite clever. I like the extra details compared to the one on the left. I'm also fond of the circular pattern.

  11. Thanks Medeia, Karla, Denise, Golden Eagle. Glad you like the changes too.
    Donna, how exciting! Thank you, I will be in contact.

  12. I think you made a great choice! I haven't had to design a book cover yet, but I look forward to the day. Good luck with your launch!

  13. Congrats on the release of you book. Nice cover!


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