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Wednesday 16 May 2012


Just to let you know I've been working on my WIP again after many, many months of not even looking at it. It is lovely to be back in the thick of it and I hope I can keep it up.

So apologies if I'm still relatively quiet here in Blogland, though when I tried to catch up with all your comments yesterday, my Internet connection became suddenly poor, which was frustrating.

Apologies to Rachna, as I've not produced any haiku lately.

I did however, submit a poem to a competition last week; my first in absolutely ages.
I'm conscious that many of you writing blog-buddies seem to have e-books /books released into the world and those who haven't are taking similar time-out to write/ finish their novels, so I've realised that my procrastination has to stop! That I must get on with completing my novel. After some editing and rewriting to refamiliarise myself with it, I now have over 33,000 words written. Well, it's a start...

For those who don't know it is a chicklit/realistic fiction, suspence novel, laced with a little romance. So what are your WIP novels about?

In the meantime, don't forget to check out and sign up to my




  1. I lost internet connection last night and it didn't come back until later this morning. Now I'm catching up on my blogging. I feel your pain, Madeleine.

    I returned to my ms after taking a break from it for a few months. It's amazing what a difference the time away from it made. I had all kinds of ideas for it.

    Good luck with yours. :D

  2. Funny you should ask, I'm releasing my WIP pretty soon. It's about a girl that lives in a dream world to escape the bleakness of the real world. She becomes obsessed with a 600 pound neighbor and both her worlds fall apart.

  3. Stina, yes I agree. The time away does make a difference. I was able to rethink things. I decided to move chapters around and today decided they were ok where they were!

    Libby Wow awesome! Congrats.

  4. I'm in the midst of my WIP so understand being time-challenged and am motivated by all you've accomplished.

  5. I am beginning to wonder if my own WIP is worthy to see the light of day. Would it have an audience? Not fantasy, not paranormal, not romance, not...just 'literary fiction'.

    Good luck, girl. Charge...!!

  6. Bless you Kittie, Thank you.

    Susan, I can understand what you are saying. I began to wonder that about mine, too, so I put it to one side for many months. Then I borrowed or bought lots and lots of novels and read and read, so that when I went back to my WIP I was pleasantly surprised to find I liked what I read and that has mnotivated me to pick it up where I left off.

  7. Suspense and romance? Sounds like my kind of read! Good luck!

  8. I'm editing one of my WIP. It's YA paranormal. I'm enjoying reading it again after six months.

  9. Yay for returning to your wip and making such amazing progress!!! I always find I'm refreshed after ignoring my current wip and returning to it without any external pressure to do so - only when I feel I'm ready to go ahead. Sounds really precious but I'm in no hurry (and I'm also quite lazy! LOL!). Take care

  10. The end of the school year is leaving me with way too little time for blogging and writing. And if I only have a little bit of time, my WIP usually wins out over blogging.

    I feel guilty, though.

    My WIP is a YA contemporary fantasy about a boy who discovers an entire extra day between Wednesday and Thursday -- and a race of people who live only on that day.

  11. Hey Madeleine,
    I think it's terrific you are now focusing on you WIP. I believe this is your priority and here's to this endeavour being a most positive and fulfilling time for you.
    The only 'WIP' I have is actually trying to do some gardening :)

  12. I think a break is good, as the juices flow so much easier after a time away.

  13. Your WIP sounds like a great read. Finish it so I can. :)

    My July release is book 2 in the Backworld series. Some sci-fi adventure. The WIP I'm writing for fall has chicklit elements, written more for women, about a clueless young lady trying to make the transition to adulthood.

    I'm also rewriting a short story. Cuz I'm insane. lol

  14. Congrats for getting back in the swing of things. Lovely, isn't it?

  15. Congrats for getting back with your WIP. Hope you will be able to write lots.

    No need to apologize for not posting any Haikus. Though I did miss the haikus. You can post the haikus next week.

  16. I love being in the thick of it. I've been productive lately and it's a wonderful feeling to be working hard on two YA novels.

    Good luck with your project.

  17. Yay for getting back to your WIP! I hear you - I've been awol in the blogosphere for the past week trying to finish up an edit!

  18. Have fun with your WIP! I'm looking forward to June when I will start a new one :) But I have a current one that I'm pretty eager to keep working on too.

  19. I'm still proscrastinating, but while doing that with one book I'm creating another in my head. My in-my-head book is a paranormal romance, maybe...

    Good luck with your WIP - it's really hard to pigeon-hole some stories, isn't it? lol


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