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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Giving Voice Blogfest

Ever wondered what it's like for someone who cannot express themselves?

Maybe they have a stammer?
Maybe their speech is slurred and it's an effort to control the muscles of their mouth to make the sounds clearly?

Maybe they have a problem with the social side of talking?

Are they someone who suddenly finds they can no longer speak as well as they used to through stroke or brain injury?
or at all because of a Laryngectomy operation?

Imagine the psychosocial impact of their speech impediment on their communication and interaction with family and others.

The Giving Voice Blogfest is your chance to express what it means for those people in the form of a poem, excerpt, flash fiction piece. Maximum 400 words in length.
How does your character feel about his situation? How will they cope with the speech problem? Maybe your story will include a Speech & Language Therapist transforming their lives (as the above examples of well known films of real life demonstrate).

Sign up to the linky below and post your entry on the 4th June.

You will be raising much needed awareness for those who are speech and language impaired. The more people who Blog about this Blogfest and post up their stories the better it will be. Thank you.



  1. It's a great idea for a blogfest. I'll pencil it in, and if I come up with something soon, I'll sign up.

  2. That's a great idea. If I had any extra brain-cells to devote to writing something besides my draft, I'd be in. Unfortunately...

  3. A worthy cause indeed Madeleine. I'm not a writer, but maybe my brother will link to it? Check our blog tomorrow. Keep up the great work.

    - Maurice Mitchell
    The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
    @thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

  4. That's an amazing idea for a blogfest. I don't think I have any characters like that at the moment, but I wonder... Something in the era I'm writing in (15th Century)...

  5. What a great idea for a blogfest. If I think up of something I'll sign up.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I take being able to speak so much for granted that I can't imagine how difficult and frustrating it must be for those people who can't.

  7. Interesting concept. Hmmm. Makes me think about the movie I finally saw -- The King's Speech. :)
    Madeleine Begun Kane

  8. Ooh three budding competitors so far, fabulous! Thanks :O)

  9. Mad Kane, yes I did post about that in the original announcement for the blogfest. Good example.


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