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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Plotting Blogfest for the letter P

I interrupt my April Blog Break to bring you this BLOGFEST for when the letter P appears on the A-Z challenge.

Sign up to the linky and post your tips and secrets on how you plot your novels. Even if you are a Pantser rather than a Plotter, there must be some methods you follow when writing your stories. Or you can post about any aspect of plotting. 
How do you Plot your novels?

Oh and check out this awesome post by Rachna on Plot Layers

Okay I've always been a Panster, starting my stories and after writing a few thousand words I begin to run out of steam, so when I started blogging I began to realise I should be a plotter.
Gradually I have begun to realise that for my plots I need to apply the What If scenerio.

Then I realised that what this really means is that for every direction my characters take I should be brainstorming all the possible consequences and reactions that will arise from this to plot my novel.

When I saw this brilliant advert for the Guardian newspaper based on a well known fairytale The Three Little Pigs I realised that this perfectly illustrated my plotting message. They've taken a well known tale and applied this very idea to great effect.

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  1. Hi Maddy. I don't have time to do this one due to the A-Z in two places but I hope to read some. I was very much a pantser, but I'm slowly seeing the wisdom of plotting.


  2. Thanks for sharing the "three little pigs are innocent" or did the do it for insurance purposes!?! clip! Brilliant!!!

    I'm trying to wean myself out of pansting!! Very hard to do!

    Take care

  3. I like to know where I'm going so I do plot. However, when I'm on a roll the story can up an walk in another direction. I like that, because I don't want my work to be rigid.

  4. Cool, I'm going to join in! It's about time I analyze my own plot... Though I might have to post twice today, I'm behind somehow (I thought they said no Posts on Sundays...? AHAHA I JUST GOT THAT! ...wait is that accurate though? Are we on P already?)

    Sorry for the longest parenthetical statement ever. Long story short, I'll be posting about this sometime today. Ahem.

  5. Oh, I love that Three Little Pigs clip! I see what you mean about the "what if" scenario. You can use it to take a simple premise and find all the plot potential inside it!

    I'm afraid I'm still a pantster though, even when I DO plot. ;)

  6. Hi Madeleine .. I'm sort of organised plotted - then I sort of mess around (sometimes) .. but I like to mull things over ..

    So as today is O - I'll go for organised plotting .. but as the panster you knew that anyway didn't you ..

    Good luck with the fest .. I'm castling on around the British Isles .. cheers Hilary

  7. The video had me laughing. I think I plot out my "what ifs" as I'm writing the story. I consistently revise, but by the time I'm writing the last few chapters it all fits together. Until revision :)


  8. Glad you all liked the video clip. Looks like I got my A-Z schedule muddled as many of you had the letter O yesterday not P.

  9. I love that Guardian advert.

    This seems like an excellent fest, I've signed up now. :D

  10. I've become more of a plotter, too. And asking "What if?" really is so helpful.

  11. Wow, that was taking the 3 little pigs to a whole new level. Gave me a lot to think about. Thanks, Madeleine.

  12. I love the video! Shows you how to think outside of every side of the box.

    I was a pantser, too, but have plotted my WIP and it's working out way better. For me it was worth the extra effort.

  13. Love the video, Madeleine. So funny. I guess I'll have to say I'm a plotter but then I do get stuck with moving it on, still. It was nice to read and know more about you on Denise's blog today. Have a lovely week.

  14. Thanks for the shoutout, Madeleine. You are a wonderful friend.

  15. You are welcome Rachna, you are too.
    Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments. Yes it is a very clever advert video. I hope it wins an award.


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