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I've been creative writing all my life, though with various haitus(es) along the way. IFrom 2010 I started this blog and enjoyed sharing writing and other information with everyone. illness and bereavement supplied the more recent hiatus.

Monday 30 April 2012

W1S1 April Happy Dance

So did I achieve my  Write1Sub1, goal (to write one piece of fiction and submit one piece for publication) this month?
YES, Not only did I achieve this goal, because I submitted another short piece for a competition
but I have some exciting news.

A letter arrived at the end of April from
Writing Magazine/ Writer's News
saying: Many thanks for entering the competition in Writing Magazine. I am very pleased to inform you that your entry was selected and you have won. Congratulations! Please find your prize enclosed. It was an mobile notes digital e-pen.
I'm delighted and stunned.

I believe my winning entry will appear in the (next) June issue of the magazine. I'm so excited.

Have you achieved your writing goals this month?

Come back Wednesday for my ISWG and Bed by David Whitehouse

While I haven't written anymore on my WIP. I have been doing lots of thinking/ planning about it while having my blog break. Although I didn't write as much as I had wanted, I got lots of non-writing stuff done that has been dragging me down and crushing my writing creativity.

Monday 23 April 2012

Limericks and May Schedule

Come back for W1S1 on 3oth April because I have some exciting news!

These Limericks start with Ms.Kane's first line prompt 

A woman was off on a quest
‘Cos she wanted no less than the best.
Someone wealthy and strong
who would do her no wrong
but would add, to her life, extra zest.

A fellow was off on a quest
As he tucked in his unruly vest
To meet a fair maid
So that he could get laid
Then he’d get a tattoo on his chest.

IWSG on 2nd May
I will also be reviewing Bed by David Whitehouse, which has had a huge influence on my own plans for my WIP

Thanks to  my New Followers for joining
and my established followers for continuing to support my blog.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Plotting Blogfest for the letter P

I interrupt my April Blog Break to bring you this BLOGFEST for when the letter P appears on the A-Z challenge.

Sign up to the linky and post your tips and secrets on how you plot your novels. Even if you are a Pantser rather than a Plotter, there must be some methods you follow when writing your stories. Or you can post about any aspect of plotting. 
How do you Plot your novels?

Oh and check out this awesome post by Rachna on Plot Layers

Okay I've always been a Panster, starting my stories and after writing a few thousand words I begin to run out of steam, so when I started blogging I began to realise I should be a plotter.
Gradually I have begun to realise that for my plots I need to apply the What If scenerio.

Then I realised that what this really means is that for every direction my characters take I should be brainstorming all the possible consequences and reactions that will arise from this to plot my novel.

When I saw this brilliant advert for the Guardian newspaper based on a well known fairytale The Three Little Pigs I realised that this perfectly illustrated my plotting message. They've taken a well known tale and applied this very idea to great effect.

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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Don't Forget Blogfest

I have devised this BLOGFEST  and scheduled it for when the letter P appears on the A-Z challenge on 17th April 2012.

Sign up to the linky and post your tips and secrets on how you plot your novels on 17th April. Even if you are a Pantser rather than a Plotter, there must be some methods you follow when writing your stories. Or you can post about any aspect of plotting.

How do you Plot your novels?

Til then I'm still on a blog break. I'm trying to get some non-writing things done that have been haunting me literally for years. Happy A-Zing.

BTW If you want to see the original hilarious Kenny Everett Cupid sketch
with Michael Parkinson

Oh and do please take the logo and side bar it for me.
If you can post about it, Thanks

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Wednesday 4 April 2012

W1S1 March and IWSG

So did I achieve my  Write1Sub1, goal for March?
Sadly my vignette submitted earlier this year wasn't accepted
and a longer short story is still waiting for a decision...

But, Yes I submitted to an on-line flash fiction competition in which I had to write a 250 word story and it was accepted Yeah!



I'm combining this with IWSG (hosted by Alex J Cavanaughto say that I'm coping with my insecurities by telling myself: 

It will happen. It will take time. 

I'm getting there one step at a time.

I've been through the whole gamut of emotions about people's reactions to my writing over the past 3 yrs and feel I have settled in a better place now. I realise how to handle it better. I did get some really nasty criticism which was very personal when I joined a forum that rated each others' writing. I decided it wasn't for me as the members seemed vindictive and hugely competitive and so I decided to try Blogging. I have had much better feedback and support, which has helped my writing mature enormously, so thank you everyone.

So how about you?

BTW Don't forget the Plotting Blogfest. Have you signed up? It's great for your P word.
I'm actually still on a blog break at the moment. I'm trying to get some non-writing things done that have been haunting me for literally years. I've filled so many rubbish bags I've been worried I'd get charged by the council LOL!  Happy A-Zing.

Sunday 1 April 2012

Advice: Tell me about Twitter?

Don't forget the A-Z Challenge starts today.
Okay, so I have yet to create a Twitter account and I feel quite clueless about it really.

I have heard it's the best way to advertise a forthcoming novel...

So, how does it work?

AND How do I get the most from it?

BTW my next post will be for P: Plotting Blogfest as I'll be taking a blog break. Happy A-Zing.