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Friday 2 March 2012

Throwing caution to the winds

I was busy catching up on my blog commenting when the worst happened. I contracted a  t r o j a n  m a l w a r e  v i r u s.

It was so invidious that I could not remove it in the normal way and had to switch off and rush it to the computer hospital where it's been for the last few days.

While it allowed me to get on with lots of non blog/computer things AND I managed to lose some weight by upping my NEAT and keeping on my feet most of the day, it did bother me how easy it is to get these nasties.

I admit I didn't follow my normal protocol when I notice strange occurences during my Internet browsing AND so there is a lesson to be learned there. I was so behind with comments and reciprocating visits to others' sites that I threw caution to the winds and am now seriously out of pocket. I truly hope you don't get it. I'm back now feeling slightly wary, though.

I am currently reading Into the Darkest Corner
by Elizabeth Haynes, which is quite intense...

Hello to my newest Subscribers and Thank you
to all those lovely subscribers/commenters who left their views on my posts
while I was silent


  1. My pc's hardware was attacked twice by these nasty viruses - so I spit at and curse these evil little devils who go about creating these viruses cos they have absolutely no lives at all!

    I'm so sorry your pc's been hit! Booo to these viruses!! So glad you're back now!!!

    I've seen this book at Waitrose!! I must have a browse now! Happy Friday Madeleine! Take care

  2. Oh my gosh! That's horrible. I'm glad they were able to save your hard drive.

    I hate to admit this, but I'm kind of glad when my internet or power goes out. It gives me a chance to catch up on other work.

    Glad to see you back.

  3. Glad you managed to get your computer fixed! Viruses are horrible :(

  4. So you think you got it by visiting blogs? Yikes. I will be more cautious. I haven't had one of these viruses since I got rid of my PC and went with a Mac, though I know it can still happen.

  5. Thanks everyone, your comments are appreciated.

    Yes I had 2 blogs open at the same time and then the whole lot disconnected. I should have IMMEDIATELY done a disk clean and a malware scan but stupidly didn't and I should NOT have clicked on restore last session, but opened a new window. BECAUSE wham bam I reckon I contributed to the m a l w a r e booting up.
    Madeleine :O!

  6. Glad your malware/virus problem is solved. Was wondering why you had not been on the blogosphere for few days.

  7. My Mac mostly keeps me safe from viruses, but I hear they are getting targeted more often nowadays. ARRRGH!!

    Sorry you had to deal with that (more to the point, pay out the money! sucks!).

  8. Bless you Trisha
    Ah yes i used a Mac at college. Macs can also cope with corrupted disks better too.
    Yes it does suck doesn't it. I cannot comprehend the kind of mind who would create such a dreadfully miserable thing either.

  9. Eek technology.

    When it's good, it's really really good, but when it's bad, it's nasty.

  10. That's not cool! I'm glad you got your computer fixed. Hope you have a great weekend, Madeleine!

  11. It's not until we're without our computers we realise how much we use them, is it? Hope the problem is gone for good now.

  12. Those viruses are so nasty. I hope your computer is well soon.

  13. Too bad...

    Don't people have better things to do with there time? So sorry you had to deal with the inconvenience and expense.

    I, too, have a Mac, and I SO hope they are not getting targeted.

    I have enough issues with my twitter account getting attacked twice now.

    Have a nice weekend....

  14. I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you're all clean and shiny now! It's great to have you back :-)

  15. Hi Madeleine .. glad you got it sorted .. just hope it doesn't happen here - not a nice thing to happen ..

    Cheers - Hilary

  16. Oh, how horrible. I am afraid my computer is being invaded with some kind of mega virus and I haven't done anything about it. Your post reminded me of how lately strange things happen when I open my browser and everything often shuts down without warning. This is a brand new laptop. it is my daughters(mine is an antique) so it should not be happening.

    I am glad you were able to save your hard drive.

    Btw, the "Get FiredUp" blogfest is nearing the end as I have narrowed the grand prize winner to two. Please visit my blog and cast your vote and encourage others to vote as well.


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