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Friday 9 March 2012

Something's Missing: Your Votes

Hi lovely Blog subscribers. 
Since my Blog started in Aug 2010 I have included posts on:
  • Micro-fiction
  • Flash Fiction
  • Romantic Fiction
  • Haiku
  • Poetry
  • Limericks
  • Author Interviews
  • Blogfests
  • Writing topics
  • Writing dilemmas, disappointments and successes
  • Workshop news

I was wondering whether anyone missed reading certain things on my Blog?

If so please tell me what you'd like to see most
in the comments below.
Thank you

BTW this week has been mega busy, hopefully next will be more  under control.


  1. Workshop News and Writing dilemmas, disappointments and successes are my two favs.

  2. More haikus (you have a natural flair for it) and more writing related topics.

  3. Dear Madeleine,
    I was looking for a place to put my comment. I'll have to think about you question and return later to vote.

    I just want to thank you for reading and commenting on my post for RFWers No 33 'I love you because...'

    I'll be back later in case you post something for RFW.

    Best wishes,

    For the benefit of other readers:
    Anna's RFWers Challenge No.33 'I love you because...'

  4. Thanks Maria, will bear that in mind

    Bless you Rachna, will try to schedule them again soon.

    Anna, thanks but I have no plans to post a RFW entry today, but I may post one on the last 2 challenges next week instead.

  5. I'm one for you to go with your instincts on what YOU would like on your blog. If your heart is caught up with the subject, the words will sing. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I was glad to see you back! Roland

  6. Hi Madeleine .. I like your mix and match .. as Roland says go with your instincts ..

    Have a good weekend .. cheers Hilary

  7. Lovely Madeleine! I love the eclecticism of your blog!! I say blog whatever you want to blog about! With cat pics! LOL! Take care

  8. Just keep doing what you're doing, I say. A little of this, a little of that. Mostly I think people just want to know what's going on in Madeleine's world. :))

  9. I'm new, so I've got no opinion. I like whatever you have to say. (Can't miss what I never knew!)

  10. Hi Maddy. Some interesting comments you have. Blog posts change according to our whims and what's important to us at the time I think. It's important to blog what we want, not what we think other's want. You'll never please everyone, so you must please at least one person - you. For me, I'd like to see a RFWer story every fortnight. You're so good at it!


  11. I think this pretty much covers it all. :D

  12. I agree with everyone else, whatever you're doing is working :)

  13. Hey Madeleine,
    Here you go. A comment from the shy, humble and unassuming blogger aka Gary :)
    I missed the one where you hoped you could be a finalist, ultimately the winner, on next year's 'Blogger's Got Talent'.
    Seriously, you're doing just fine as you are. Have a lovely weekend.
    In kindness, Gary

  14. That's a wonderful list of topics you've featured on your blog. I can't really think of anything to add to it at the moment. If I do, I'll let you know. :)

  15. Blogfests and any writing tips are good for me, but this is YOUR blog. What do YOU want to blog about?

  16. I'd say that whatever you're posting about, your personality always shines through your blog. :) And that's really what keeps me coming back!

  17. It's all good. Blog from your heart. : )

  18. Husband and I were just talking about how busy this week has been. Maybe it's the solar flares :)

    Happy Weekend!

  19. I'm hunting for a really good, moist, gingerbread recipe...

  20. Okay guys I get the message. LOL! Since other bloggers were asking their followers, I thought I'd follow suit and make sure nobody was missing anything specific.
    Thanks for the support and the kind comments.

    While I agree with the 'write from the heart' ethos, it's good to know that no-one is particularly miffed that I've stopped posting regularly on certain subjects, as I'll always come back to them eventually when the muse inspires me.

  21. I always prefer the last three.

  22. you are complete to me! always have things to say worth reading!

  23. I'm fond of limericks - but anything you care to blog about is fine with me.

  24. Hi Madeleine
    Some of your topics are not in my skill level like Haidu. I don't understand it. So I don't think I can advise you. Besides, our blogs are ours. I understand the desire for input though. Hope I am a little help.

  25. What a great list already!
    Hmmm. Maybe historical fiction?

  26. Sounds like a great list of categories! I like the romantic fiction and writing/craft-related posts best.


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