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Saturday 17 March 2012

Assorted Limericks

The first four Limericks start with Ms.Kane's first line prompt

A fellow who had a degree
in Catering Technology
Said “You really should try it
It’s so on your diet
You’ll be as slim, as a leaf on that tree!”
A fellow who had a degree
Could get you one too, for a fee:
‘With a Bachelor of Art
You can make out you’re smart
But it’s more for the full MSc’

* This one won an honourable mention! *
A woman who had a degree
In freezing out poor company
Used her most frosty glare
And her teeth she would bare
To all those she deemed lacked pedigree.
A gal who was partial to gin,
Would lick every drop from her chin.
Shrugging off the affliction
When accused of addiction;
"That's a slur!" she would say, with a grin.

A woman whose fingers were green
From a regular gardening routine
Suddenly pulled up a gourd
And then shouted “Oh Lord!”
For its shape was quite frankly obscene
A lady was clipping her hedge
When she made up her mind with a pledge
To grow pulses and beans
Some parsnips and greens
For she loved nothing more than her veg.

A lady from W.I.
Had her eye firmly fixed on her guy
Though his fingers were green
She was clearly quite keen
And would covet his spade with a sigh.
When judging the gardening prize
An important criteria is size
And it’s vital to note
That what gets the best vote
Is the one that’s a sight for sore eyes.


  1. Hi Madeleine .. you are so clever - they are great .. thanks for sharing - I always love limericks ..

    Great Saturday read .. cheers Hilary

  2. ha...i dont always have time to read them all at mad kanes, so appreciate you breaking yours out...much enjoyed...

  3. Oh Madeleine! Love love love your fun n fabulous limericks! LOL!!! Take care

  4. Wonderful sets of limericks, Madeleine! I love limericks. You can go wild with imagery. You have done it beautifully with the wit and all.


  5. How fun and appropriate for St. Pat's Day!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. These are great. I had my students write limericks not too long ago. It was fun and a new experience for them.

  7. I like them all but the gourd one is my favourite.

  8. Fun limericks, and I believe I've met that gal with the degree...

  9. Does it come as any great surprise to know that the gourd one is my favourite? ;-)

  10. Your limericks are great.

    I've loved limericks since I was little, when my aunt bought me a book by Edward Lear.

  11. Lovely fun limericks! Thanks for the smiles. x

  12. I've always loved limmericks. You wrote some great ones.

  13. What a fun assortment of limericks! And thanks so much for your many fine contributions to my weekly Limerick-Offs. And, of course, congratulations on winning an Honorable Mention in last week's Limerick-Off: Limerick of the Week 53

  14. I'm partial to the gin one. What does that say about me? Seriously, great job!

  15. Great job with this I enjoyed it immensely.

  16. You're so good at those, Madeleine! Love them!

  17. Hi Madeleine...I love these limericks. They are simply great. You should come and teach my students.

  18. These are great. I especially like the gardening themes since it's spring (and I really need to get out in the gardens).


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