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Monday 12 March 2012

Announcing 'Plotting Blogfest'

My thanks to all those who responded to my previous post on Blog content. Since so many of you asked for:
  • Writing topics
  • Writing dilemmas

    I have devised this BLOGFEST  and scheduled it for when the letter P appears on the A-Z challenge on 17th April 2012.

Sign up to the linky and post your tips and secrets on how you plot your novels. Even if you are a Pantser rather than a Plotter, there must be some methods you follow when writing your stories. Or you can post about any aspect of plotting.

How do you Plot your novels?

BTW If you want to see the original hilarious Kenny Everett Cupid sketch
with Michael Parkinson

Oh and do please take the logo and side bar it for me.
If you can post about it, Thanks

Check out the entries by clicking the links below:


  1. Hi Madeleine .. I'll give it a go - re plotting, panstering for my posts .. cheers Hilary

  2. All done in the best possible taste of course! :-)

    Take care

  3. Sounds like a good one! I'd love to sign up but I'm struggling with Draft 2 right now and my head is about to explode. Ah!

  4. Sounds like fun. Need to check when P falls in April, as away for a week from 23rd.

  5. Awesome idea- it would be interesting to see how everyone does it. I'm considering taking a break from blogging in April since i'm not doing the A-Z challenge (gotta get ready for Mini Monster to make her appearance in May!). So I won't sign up just yet, but I"ll keep it in mind because it sounds like a fun blogfest!

  6. Looking forward to seeing how everyone plots!

  7. Great idea for a blogfest. I'm in!

  8. I'm in! Though my post probably won't be that interesting :) haha Total Pantser here :)

  9. I won't sign up, but I'll do my best to remember to post about it next week :-)

  10. Oh wow this is so exciting!

    Bless you Sarah P, Abby and Ellie

    Lydia, Sarah, Mary, Kelle - I look forward to seeing how everyone plots too.

  11. Aaw, I can't join in as I'll be away and unable to visit the other blogs.

  12. I'm so joining.

    I'm following too. ^_^


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