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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Word Blurrification

I use word verification on posts to weed out the weirdo spam comments. Some that get through can often be quite disturbing.

While it is often humans who post the weird comments, word verification is supposed to show that the comment has been made by a human and not machine.

However, there are times when I imagine Commander Data (Android from Star Trek) would have a better job of deciphering Captcha than I, as with the example below. I imagine him saying: 

"Captain it appears to me to be a simple configuration of shape, colour and letter form cleverly merged together to disguise each letter with visual texture and optical illusion.
The difficulty as I see it, Captain, is that most human eyes are not sufficiently evolved to cope with the contrasting stimuli."

I can read the first word, but those words in the blurry black and white smudge often confound me!

I know many of you dislike word verification. What are your thoughts on the subject?

In other news. I shall be doing a Review of Rachel Morgan's first Creepy Hollow installment Guardian on 8th March. This will be followed by an author interview a few days later, so do come along and join in the fun.


  1. The word verification on Blogger used to be easier to read. I noticed this new one just yesterday. Hate it.

    I know lots of people hate word verification, but I hate spammers more.

    It makes irritable when I see my friends' blogs hijacked by people selling penis enhancing creams and jewelry out of India.

    I wish Blogger would go back to the old verification model.

  2. I did the same post myself this morning. Obviously I'm not the only one who hates it! Why do you have it? Blogger has a great spam filter.

  3. I loved the old word verification!
    :-( And so I took the sad decision to disable my own word verification.
    Sad, sad, sad day for me cos even I find it difficult to read! :-(

    BOOOOOO TO BLOGGER CHANGES!! They know they can do all these unwanted changes without any thought for the blogger.

    Take care

  4. I used to always have my word verification turned on on my other blogs, but I find it quite irritating now so I THINK I've turned it off lol.

    And like you, I struggle to read the words with the weird black background!

  5. Maria, I can so relate to what you are saying.

    To disable it you have to switch from the new interface to old blogger interface, which is a nuisance and prone to problems with blogger throwing a tantrum.

    Like Jennifer, Clarrisa and Kyra I have done so now, you will be pleased to know. Boo Hoo indeed! ;O)

  6. The old word verifications weren't too bad, but I have a hard time seeing the new ones (especially that second word). I had to try five times to comment on a person's post yesterday. It makes me not want to comment, which I hate because I like to.

    I haven't used word verifications in a long time and I haven't had much of a trouble with spammers. It happens here and there, but it's no big deal to delete their comments.

  7. I've noticed the new word verification. It is horrible. Half the time I can't make out the letters. I turned mine off my blog now. I'm not sure how people put spam on a blog, but maybe I am going to find out.

  8. Yes, I have always wondered if those word verifications were written in Elvin... I mean who else than Elves could come up with words like Geywyn. On the upside, we could start using word verification words to name odd towns and characters in our WIP. Anyone with me?

  9. Hi Madeleine .. those word verifications are pretty irritating I agree .. I haven't today had a new captcha ..

    I took my word verification off and get emails in with spam comments - that's the bit that irritates - that I have to delete them out of the spam filter - occasionally some slip through.

    I'd like to be able to comment on everyone's blog - as I'm unable to comment on embedded comment boxes. It's a pain ..

    Cheers - I'm keeping my eyes open and seeing where this leads us ..Hilary

  10. Turned mine off too. What a pain! I have been squinting at the screen for ages, trying to decipher the letters so I can post comments. If you moderate comments anyway, maybe spam is not such a problem.

  11. I really struggle with it too, but Blogger is not the worst. Some are completely unreadable and I find myself asking for several new ones before I manage it.

    I don't have it turned on on my blog. I have often had to abandon comments because I have apparently typed the captcha wrong several times and have no choice but to give up.

  12. I've just noticed that they've gone to the good word/bad word verif on Blogger. I turned mine off a long time ago. It didn't seem to make any difference to the robot-generated comments I got - exactly none!

  13. I used to love the words you get from them, but when they started that weird blurry black/white thing? I get so frustrated at trying to figure out what the crap it is!

  14. I'm sure the verification thingies don't need to be quite so hard to read as they are now.

  15. I thought it was just me with my bad eyes. Then I thought nooo! Am I a robot?

  16. I don't really mind it; I used to have it on my blog, and a lot of spam is always a worry. Though the recent word verification does seem harder than the last system.

    And that looks like "cessupy" to me, too . . .

  17. Hi Madeleine,
    Never use word verification on my site. And my shy, humble, unassuming , not worth reading blog, will be five years old in a few more days.
    Now then, I'm an android and I struggled with this ridiculous new word verification that a number of bloggers now have on their site.
    Of course, being 'desperate' for comments, almost everyone, almost every creature and my anonymous 'hecklers, are welcome on my rubbish blog.
    Thank you...I'm outta' here...:)

  18. I disabled my anti-robot device last year. I have had 1 spam since then. Yes, I hate them -- especially on my phone. I don't think I'm a robot, but I guess I may be. Who knows?

  19. Looks like blogger's changed the system to something more complicated and difficult. Don't like it at all.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  20. I've just commnetd on a blog post where the word verification didn't use catptcha! Wowee, is blogger listening I wonder?

  21. I hate CAPTCHA & wrote this limerick about it a few years ago:

    Captured By CAPTCHA (Limerick)
    By Madeleine Begun Kane

    The CAPTCHA form used on their site
    Quickly conquered computerized blight,
    Because bots can’t decode
    Any image it showed.
    But then neither can I—there’s my plight.

    Captured By CAPTCHA

  22. I hate word verification and for the most part it really doesn't stop the people we are trying to stop :) Also, I have never had it on my blog and I haven't gotten spam so why put our fellow bloggers through the torment.

  23. Thanks everyone, as always for your fab comments and thoughts.

    Love the limerick Madeleine

    Josh I get Spam on my blog, you're lucky not to get it, but I agree word verification is tedious.


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