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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Hearing Voices Blogfest #2 Dialogue

This blogfest is being hosted by: Cassie Mae and Angela Cothran with prizes!
Dialogue Introduction: Have two characters introduce each other using only dialogue—no backstory, no internalisation, just dialogue between the two. Max 250 words

This is a tricky one because producing dialogue without context is pretty much like hearing voices in a white-washed room. However, I've stripped down my piece to the bare bones and eliminated any tags and description, so that you learn everything simply through what is being said and nothing more.

“Come on Caroline. Out with it. What’s on your mind?”
“Why on earth would you think anything particular’s on my mind?”
“Don’t give me that wide-eyed, innocent, all indignant look! That cappuccino needs drinking not stirring for a start. You’ve been staring out the window for the past ten minutes. And I’m pretty sure you’ve no idea what I’ve said, have you?”
“Well you were saying something about work…”
“Just as I thought. Now spill”
“Okay Becky, you’re right. But you’re going to think I’m a terrible person if I tell you.”
“You’ve got to tell me now, before I burst!”
“I met someone and I can’t get him off my mind”
“Well Hallelujah!  It’s about time you found a new daddy for Juliet. How old is she now-nine?”
“Uhhuh. I’ve only met Bernard a couple of times and he doesn’t know about Juliet”
“Bernard, huh? Tell me more. Does he feel the same way?”
“I don’t know. I think so. It’s complicated.”
“Are you sure you’re not just putting up barriers?”
“Not at all. I wish it were more straightforward. He’s considerate, he’s got such kind eyes and he’s handsome. But he’s in an unhappy marriage.”
“Alarm bells are ringing now, honey. Did he tell you that?”
“No he’s extremely loyal and I’ve met his wife. She’s a first class bitch!”
“So you plan to rescue him and live happily ever after?”
“That’s the plan. Now, shall we order some cake?”
“Absolutely! And celebrate your Master Plan with it.” (250 words)

This is an imaginary conversation between one of the MC's in my novel and a friend.
What does it tell you about the characters?
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  1. That gave great insight into your characters. Now, how is this Bernard character? I'm not so sure about him. lol

  2. You've managed to give us a lot of information in a short space with no narrative whatsoever. Great job! (and I see it carrying on nicely form the preious post)

  3. i feel really bad for caroline, becky is so harsh!
    nice slice!

  4. Love love love the rapport between Becky and Caroline!!! Yay! Take care

  5. That was fantastic. I really liked the back and forth between the characters...and the tension from the situation. Very good!

  6. Oh I loved this! Got a real sense of your characters just from this little bit and a lot of story info too. Job well done :)

  7. Oooo, I get a real sense of your characters values and what is important to them. Great job!

  8. Alarm bells indeed. Great rationalization!

  9. I am intrigued! These characters are distinct without the tags. I want to know what's going to happen next.

  10. Hey Madeleine,
    Nothing like celebrating a "Master Plan" with a bit of cake...
    I have a master plan. I am working out a way to have my lousy blog get better written. Wait, I shall let Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, take over my site.

  11. Hi Madeleine. Great showing not telling. I love dialogue that moves along at a good pace. Enjoyed reading.


  12. Ooo, Becky is a wee bit harsh! Love this exchange!

    *New Follower!* So nice to *meet* you!

  13. Uh-oh, a married man. Great characters and voices, Madeleine.

  14. Now I want to know how this Master Plan turns out. Great job conveying character and the conflict of the story in such a short exchange :)

  15. oh yikes things like that never seem to work out quite as planned!

  16. Great use of dialogue - I can see those characters - not sure if I like them but I can see them. Just re-reading Vanity Fair - great source of bitchy babes!

  17. Thanks so much everyone.

    Yes Jan, I had Becky Sharpe in mind for my MC, but not the one in this dialogue, but Ginny in the previous and next post.

  18. I like this, I didn't ever get confused at all as to who was speaking, which often happens in books!

  19. A first class bitch ... that's great! Been meeting a few of those lately myself.

  20. Oh, excellent, Madeleine! I see lots of trouble ahead :)

  21. Beautifully written dialogue, with a very clear distinction between the characters. I am very interested in Bernard..I want more!!

  22. Wow really great dialogue!! Now I'm interested in the rest of the story!!

    Great job :)

  23. Thanks everyone.
    You'll get more of the story tomorrow...

  24. Oh that is a tight spot! Great work.
    New follower as well...which is weird since I know I've visited your blog several times.

  25. Somehow I don't think this will end well...

  26. Makes us want to read on to find out what happens. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Great dialogue!

    Doesn't sound like a good situation--for anyone.

  28. It is hard to do dialogue. This was so enjoyable, and I particularly liked the "let's eat cake" ending!

  29. It's an interesting set up. Very believable.

  30. It tells me Becky is the one to go to for all the neighborhood gossip - she has a low key personality that makes one comfortable around her; and Caroline is torn betwween moving forward with her life, and keeping her life simple and safe for herself and her daughter.

    Excellent conflict and characterization Maddie. I like these characters, and I already know I'd enjoy the novel.


  31. Thanks for the fabulous feedback EVERYONE.

    Bless you Donna, I feel more energised about finishing my novel now.


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