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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Brain Drain

Okay so normally my head feels the size of a walnut,

but this week it's been more peanut capacity, which affects my writing creativity.

I've been told it's my hormones and that I should challenge my brain with things other than just my normal creative writing. 


Apparently those who learn a new language after retirement are more immune to normal brain aging, so I've started learning Braille. To add to my moans, I've had a new spectacle prescription, which is making my head unusually mega-squiffy, too...

I'm wondering about those Nintendo Brain Games.
Do you play them?

How do you keep your mind active and challenged?


  1. I buy little puzzle books with a variety of stuff to do. They help keep the gerbil inside my head running in its exercise wheel/

  2. I try to add in my head as often as possible. But I don't know if it actually helps :)

  3. I have the opposite problem. My day job is mentally demanding and I have teens in honors classes. Try helping someone with Calculus. That's a serious workout. Then add writing every spare minute on top of that and my brain is in constant overdrive.

    My solution? I watch cartoons to unwind.
    Your solution? Let me send you my kid's homework.lol

    But seriously, learning Braille sounds incredible. I'm not sure you could find more of a challenge than that!

  4. I play word games every day, just for a few minutes. Then I'm on the computer during work, playing with numbers. I'm always using my brain. When I get home, I feel like mush.

  5. Braille? That is so cool! Um... I've heard that if you do crosswords and sudokus your mind stays agile :-) I do maths on a daily basis, so I think my brain is okay for now... (though I've never had a particularly good memory for events that have happened in my life!)

  6. By doing Sudokus and crosswords!! :-)

    Oh wow!! Learning braille sounds so amazing!! Enjoy! take care

  7. I've been feeling kinda brain dead myself lately. I figured it was lack of exercise. Walking out in the fresh air really helps my brain function and for a whole lot of reasons that aren't real reasons, I haven't been doing that.

  8. I look after my brain by preserving it in alcohol.

  9. When my thyroid meds are off kilter my brain goes to sleep. It's like thinking underwater or something.

    I'll confess I am hooked on online Boggle. I like word games, crossword puzzles, whatever. But, wow, learning brail? Very impressive.

  10. I have several games on my iPad that challenge my brain with words. My wife and I play trivia as well. And I've always been a crosswords puzzle junkie!

  11. I find acrostic limericks a good mental challenge.

    My other challenge is (when I write limericks in the shower) remembering them long enough to write them down. :)

  12. Oh wow what super suggestions. Tahnks for the ideas and the laughs!

  13. Hi Madeleine .. I'm afraid my brain power only comes from blog posts and what I read to get there, or search for in the links section of Wiki .. I do the occasional puzzle - but get bored rather too easily when I can't finish them! I love doing them with others .. or tagging on - I daren't get hooked up to online anything!!!

    Learning Braille - now that would be interesting ... cheers for now .. Hilary


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