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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Birthday Break

 It's my birthday week starting today, so I'm just posting to say I may be very quiet this week, but rest assured you are all on my mind and I will return to your blogs soon.
Hmmm I guess I'm a mix of the two (above).

Do you use horoscopes to determine the traits of your characters?

I do sometimes check them out for ideas.

Thanks for all your well wishes, yes I'm feeling very tired still.
Hoping to get to the bottom of it soon...


  1. Happy birthday break. What a great idea.

  2. Happy Birthday! Everyone deserves a break on their birthday :)

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear Madeleeeiiine!!! Happy Birthday to youuuuu!!!! Hope you have a fabulous week filled with all your favorite things!

    I found this great big hardcover book at a consignment shop for $5 called "The Secret Language of Birthdays" that I love to use for characterization ideas. It has a lot of interesting and useful information in it about each day of the year. It's very cool!

  4. Happy birthday! I sure hope you're feeling better soon.

    Re astrology, I've been known to use it to figure out my OWN traits. :)

  5. Is it your birthday today? Happy Birthday! :) It's my birthday this Sunday. xx

  6. Hope you enjoy your birthday week!

  7. No. I don't use horoscopes to determine the personalities of my characters.

    Have a happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you-hooooooo!
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

    Hip hip hooray!!

    That's such a great idea using horoscopes for characters! Yay!

    Awww you Pisceans are FAB!! Take care

  9. happy birthday break! enjoy every moment.
    Love Gail

  10. I hope you have a fantastic birthday week! I'm a Pisces too (March 8th). And I do sometimes use zodiac traits to determine my characters' traits.

  11. Happy birthday Madeleine - hope you have a wonderful day/week! ;) I agree totally with having birthday weeks. hehe

  12. Hi Madeleine. Happy Birthday! I like the idea of a birthday week! I hope you feel rested and more energetic afterwards.

    Been reading your previous posts. You have been busy posting away. You need a break. Congrats on your award. You are very 'kreative'. I take myself to the State Library to write. They have rooms to hide in and they're deliciously air conditioned. Saves my power bill, lol.

    Gotta hate Word Verification and Captcha codes. Sometimes it takes me a couple of goes to get them right - what a waste of time. I use none and don't often get a robot comment, lol. There are some bloggers I don't visit anymore because my time is too precious to be doing Word Verification and codes. Blogger does a good job of keeping spammers away.


  13. Many Happy Returns and have a lovely, calm and restful week.

  14. Have a wonderful birthday and a lovely birthday break!

    Yes, I give some (but not all) my characters a star sign.

  15. We Aries don't believe in Horoscopes.

  16. Madeleine, happy belated birthday to you, and I really hope you feel better soon. Take care x

  17. Happy, happy birthday!!! I hope your day brings some renewed health and energy with it. Being tired is no fun.

    And yes, I do sometimes read horoscopes to help me figure out a character or characters.

  18. Hi Madeleine .. Happy Birthday and I do hope you feel better soon - sounds like a Spring holiday - even a week at home sleeping and recovering - is due ..

    I hope you can have a happy time and enjoy the fact that Spring is coming ..

    Love the ideas about the star signs! Cheers Hilary

  19. Happy B-day!! I don't use them that often, but I can see how it is helpful. Hope you get feeling better.

  20. Happy birthday week - I hope you've had a lot of fun. Thanks so much for stopping by my place earlier!
    Laura x

  21. Happy birthday! I've never thought of using horoscopes for looking at characters....that's an interesting angle.


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