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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Scifihaiku ~ How Novel!

Voices in their heads
The women remain silent
It’s Chaos Walking.
Madeleine Maddocks

Boy in a Spacesuit
Mistaken for an adult
Utterly Cosmic!
Madeleine Maddocks
Hubble telescope
X Factor Technology
Satellite broadcast
Madeleine Maddocks

Do you read or write sci fi?
Maybe you can write a haiku about it?


  1. I don't read or write Sci fi, but I enjoyed the Haikus, Madeleine.

  2. Oh wow!! Fun haikus - very clever! Yay! Well done you! Take care

  3. This is a great post thanks for drawing my attention to these books. I tend to watch more sci-fi than I read but I loved Frank Cottrell Boyce's book Cosmic.

  4. I write science fiction but no way I can do any form of poetry!

  5. Sci-fi and Haiku...unique combination.

    Haiku could work as a starting point to write a logline/hook sentence for any book.

  6. Hi Madeleine .. great combination - now this I couldn't do ..

    Cheers - I'm retiring back to Eastbourne .. to comment elsewhere .. have a good week - Hilary

  7. love that
    sci fi review in haiku!
    how novel!

  8. I have my first published sci fi book waiting to be read.

    I do however read a lot of sci fi because four of my six crit partners write it. :-D

  9. I don't read or write much scifi. And, um, I'm not very good at haikus! You're the haiku-machine!

  10. Nice SF-ku! I look forward to reading the ones published in Scifaikuest -- we might share a ToC. =]

  11. Not a big SF person (have enough trouble with the here and now!). But I did enjoy your Haikus - or should I say your Hai-Fi? Anyway, they make a nice noise when read aloud :-)
    Hope all is well with you!

  12. Great haiku about Science Fiction!

    It's my favorite genre. :)

    Oh, and I just finished reading the Chaos Walking Series--it was amazing.

  13. I do read and write sci fi, but I couldn't write a haiku - yours are fantastic, though!

  14. Great haiku! And yes. I read and write sci-fi.

    I've been a stranger to your blog. I'm looking to fix that. :)

  15. Very Clever!

    And the answers to your questions are: no, no, and no. :)

  16. I don't think I could write a sci-fi poem Madeleine!

    How's your 200 words daily going?


  17. Hi all, glad you enjoyed the haiku.I hope they inspire you all to read the novels too.

    Misha- Wow good for you!

    Alex, I'm sure you could, if I can.

    Milo- True LOL!

    David- Glad to see you back. I know I don't always write sci fi and YA on my blog that might interest you more, but I'll try to include these more as I've spent rather a lot of time lately on general haiku and romance of late.

    Golden Eagle - Yes Chaos Walking is gripping stuff.

    Denise - Almost! ;O)

  18. I love your haikus! Always so clever!

  19. What an interesting idea, but I'm not the one for this. Love your haikus, though.

  20. Your haikus are great - can't think of any myself, sorry.

  21. I've written a bit of sci-fi, and have read a bit too...but more fantasy than sci-fi. I do love me some space travel though!

    Haikus are such fun! :)

  22. I like writing light sci-fi, but I've never tried a Haiku about it!

  23. I tried writing sci-fi ages ago and gave up, but I do love reading it.

    Great haikus, Madeleine.


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