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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Non Blog Writing

STOP PRESS!  I've switched back to the pop-up comment window as the embedded comments option was freezing up all the time and preventing access.

I’m so out of condition. I rarely exercise these days and Tuesday I vacuumed and washed my car; then yesterday I went for groceries and after I’d put them away I dismantled my oven door and gave the whole oven a thorough clean, which took an hour as the grime gets in between the glass and sticks on hard. I find using bicarbonate of soda with vinegar works wonders. Then I had to defrost the freezer. Now I’m aching all over!

I've also been doing some non-blog writing and reading. Hoorah!
And I read a Writing Magazine article about whether writers should have a blog or  if it interferes too much with more serious writing time and although the author doesn't have a blog because it interferes too much with more serious writing time, they recommended blogging!

So how's your non-blog writing going?


  1. Non-blog writing is a cool term---for me, I'm writing, be it fiction, or a journal or blogs.

    Nowadays, my fiction writing has made a comeback, so it is all good.

  2. For me it's not so much the writing of the blog that makes my non-blog writing suffer - it's using most of my free time to comment on all other blogs! LOL! I am kind of dreading the A-Z fest in April cos it means my dashboard explodes but I really must tell myself that as I'm not participating I needn't comment everyday with whomever I follow who are blogfesting away.

    But I know I won't do that cos I'm addicted! And besides what's the point of following if I don't actively follow if you know what I mean? Oh I'm silly! LOL!

    Have I answered your question?? Probably not! Sorry!! Take care

  3. I agree, it's reading other people's blogs that interferes with my writing time, not managing my own! If I didn't read blogs I think I'd find this a very lonely profession though.

    It's all about balance - I just haven't found it yet!

  4. Yes, it's following other blogs, not writing my own that's the 'problem'. But if I want people to read and comment on my blog it would be very rude to never visit anyone else - also I'd miss loads of interesting stuff and useful tips.

    I do just about manage to keep up with my non blog writing, on a good day, if I'm lucky.

  5. My non-blog writing? You have to be joking? You want to know about chemistry? I think not.

  6. Blogging to me is like eating chocolate...it's instant gratification, but not nutritious.

  7. Blogging is not time-consuming. Commenting is. That's why it has to be worth my time to visit. Like this. :)

  8. For anyone with verbal diarrhoea, Blogging is heaven sent! LOL

  9. I've noticed my serious writing time has taken a hit since I started blogging. I've cut back my posts to two days a week, but like others have said I'm addicted to reading everyone else's blogs too, so time gets sucked away from me in hours instead of minutes.

  10. It's hard to manage both, to me. But since cutting down my schedule a day and not freaking out about who I get to and getting to everyone every day, I've gotten better at balancing. To each their own. Whatever works for you I suppose.

    Hope you're not too sore today!

  11. Hi Madeleine .. so pleased comment box is back up and I can leave a comment and not get frozen out.

    Sadly I couldn't comment on Misha's blog post .. but loved that post about your starting gates ...

    Non-writing time is .. not being able to comment on some blogs for whatever reason .. and I try and work my way round ...

    Blogging is fun and I learn so much ..

    Cheers Hilary

  12. non-blog writing doesn't take much time. It's the blog visiting. But it's worth it. I just schedule it.

    Thanks for putting up the Tumble for ya Blogfest in your sidebar.

    The non-blog writing is going OK. Making progress. I hope to stick to my deadline then. :)

  13. Trying to create a happy medium is hard some days, but I like juggling. I love blogging, reading posts and comments.

    I make it a must, though, to write something everyday, and the 100k in 100days at quillersplace.wordpress.com is helping my word count.

    Coincidently, Sally Quilford from quillersplace has an article in Febs issue of Writing Magazine. And, I'm on page 50! I'd be interested in seeing what you thought. (I wrote a post on my blog about this in December).

  14. My non-blog writing is going slowly, but I'm just thankful it's going!

  15. Hey Mad!! Yep I'[ve had to pull back the reins on blogging a lot. I used to get so much blogging in while I worked, but job has been non stop busy for the last year so i dont have the luxury of that time thing anymore.
    I just do what I can... I think we all do. Writing stories always comes first for me.

  16. I definitely agree with the others - my blog writing is manageable (apart from hours I spend looking for songs on a Friday), but I've had to cut back my commenting because it was getting way out of hand! It's crept back up right now though, possibly because I'm supposed to be editing ;-)

  17. Haha! It is coming along alright although i feel as though i have really dragged the "new" book process..great and funny post.:)

  18. NOn-blog writing is going pretty well. Just have a wee bit more to write before finally saying "the end". :)

  19. I have to agree with so many others here, it is not my blog writing that interferes with my "non blogging aka my manuscript" writing so much as it is reading so many other interesting blogs and commenting. When I come across a blog that I really like that is new to me I can spend hours reading the earlier post. I have ADHD so I have to put myself on a very rigid schedule. This was an interesting post.

  20. Thanks everyone I have enjoyed your comments and would agree it's the following and commenting that takes up the blogging time.

    I love to receive your comments and will reciprocate when I have more time. x

  21. Blogging is the perfect way for me to ward off writer's block. I may not always write about serious matters (oftentimes, I do) but at least I write. It is important for a writer to keep the creative juice flowing.

    Hope your back is feeling better.

  22. Blogging takes so much time, yet I find it as a writing exercise in itself.

    My non-blog writing is going pretty well. :)


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