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Monday, 30 January 2012

Monthly Check-in Write1 Sub1

Last year I tried to complete a weekly Write1Sub1, but my Thyroid Gland thwarted my best intentions.

This year I'm aiming for MONTHLY submissions quota.

So far this month I have submitted:

  • a vignette for a rolling online competition,
  • three 'opening lines' entries to another competition
  • One 2,000 word and one 1,000 word short story submitted to two more competitons.
  • Sci Fi haiku to scifaikuest, four of which have already been accepted for their 2013 publication
  • a true story about my cats for Writers for animals.The editor emailed me to say that it would be accepted for inclusion in the book if I carried out a few edits and this I have done. It's a real boost to my previously flagging morale.

So I'm on a roll, at last...

How often do you submit work to magazines and competitions?

Do you prefer to just work on novels or do you like the experience of writing smaller pieces as well?


  1. What a wonderful start to the year, Madeleine. Congratulations. And yep, I sub. A lot. I am the self proclaimed Queen of sub. Non is more queenlier, than I

  2. Congratulations, Madeline, you have made an amazing start to the Write1Sub1 year ;)

  3. Yay!! Well done you!!! Keep it up!! Take care

  4. I've just started getting interested in short stories. This is a whole new market I need to research!

    Well done on your successes :-)

  5. Well done, Madeleine. This is such a good start. I also sub a lot and I think it might be addictive. As soon as I send one story away, I want to sort out the next one. The more I send out, the less I worry about them, because I'm too busy writing.
    When I first started, I sent them out one at a time and waited in between - far too stressful!

  6. Deborah, Old Kitty, Elaine. Many thanks
    Sarah thanks and good luck!

    Joanna, I can well relate to what you are saying. Thanks and good luck too.

  7. What!? How exciting! I hope you have some good news soon!

  8. Thanks Colene, me too as the pieces I've already had accepted have been such a boost to my flagging morale.

  9. Start as you mean to go on, eh? Great news.

    I want to do a bit of everything, but at the mo, I'm working on my WIP.

  10. I've only entered one contest and that was last tear's Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. I'll do it again this year and maybe get better results. Good luck to you! I'm sending big thoughts your way right now.

  11. Smugness alert. I'm doing the weekly challenge. I have no trouble with the submissions part as I sub and enter comps regularly. Often though I'm relying on stories already written so the challenging part is to write something new every single week. So far I'm doing fine.

  12. I haven't submitted at all yet this year, but I should get on that. Thanks for setting a good example!

  13. Excellent, Madeleine. This is fabulous news. When I come up for air next month, I will try to write and sub a few short pieces.

  14. Hi Madeleine. Great news that the writing is going so well. I wish you every acceptance, yeah! My goal this year is to sub every week, and I'm counting my RFWer submission as one as I always/usually write a new flash story so it's all good practise for paid work.

    Any news on Borage?


  15. I'm pathetic. I NEVER submit anything. I just always feel like nothing of mine is ready. I need to get my act together!

  16. That's awesome! I managed to write a new short story and submit it last month. It's my goal to do it every month this year. I'm also working on revising my novel. I prefer writing novels, but I write short stories because I learn so much about the craft by doing so.

  17. So exciting! Hoping for some good news soon...

  18. Congratulations on the acceptances I saw in the list there :-) Yay for non-flagging morale!
    I enter hardly any official writing competitions, and I've only once submitted something to a magazine - and I never heard back! I find it difficult to come up with just one single short idea. I prefer working on long complex plots!

  19. Oh good for you!! I *used* to submit to magazines ... but I must have gotten distracted ... because I haven't done it in ages!!

  20. I entered a competition once. I write a lot for newspapers. Its good to get our names out to the readers.

  21. Way to go, Madeleine! That is so great. Keep up the good work.

    I'm working on my novel but I really love the short stuff.


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