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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Leaping Limericks

Ms. Kane sets the first line and the rest is up to you...
Here's mine:

As the new year approaches, gals swear
When they face the New Year with a dare
That although they may fail
They’ll propose to their male
Cos it’s leap year, when such things are fair.

As the new year approaches, men swear
To dispose of their old underwear
As their grubby old briefs
Rouse disparaging shrieks
From the gals they invite to their lair.

This one has received the honourable mention accolade
As the new year approaches, men swear
With words that hang blue in the air
That they’ll never admit
That they’ve been quite a sh*!
To their gals through the previous year.
As the new year approaches, gals swear
That their hubby’s old socks they’ll repair
With some make do and mend
They’ll increase their stipend
So they’ve more they can spend on their hair.

We've had torrential rain and gales enough to wake the dead these past days and nights or make the awoken, like me, feel like death ! LOL!
I hope this year to ignore my inner demons, good and bad and submit more writing for publication.

How will you leap into the New Year with your writing?

Oh BTW It appears we have a tie for the Cool as a Cucumber Blogfest entries:

So congrats and thanks to everyone.


  1. I leapt into the new year writing-wise by continuing my blog from the prior year.

    Exciting stuff eh?

  2. Love those limericks!!

    I don't know that I do anything special for the new year writing-wise, I just sort of feel a renewed sense of optimism because it's a new beginning.

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. LOL. I always enjoy reading your limericks!

    Great graphic; each voice has their problems, if you listen to just one or try to pay attention to both.

    I'm starting the new year with rewrites; I want to finish those and edit the rewrite by June.

  4. Oh your limericks are just a joy to read! Thank you!!!!

    Oh didn't it RAIN and the WIND?!!? Oh my stars, I thought my windows were going to cave in! LOL!!

    HAPPY 2012 to you!!!
    p.s. just glanced at your sidebar and saw your facebook pic! LOL! Wonderful! Take care

  5. I started my new year with a writing journal, stricter goals and daily writing. Love your Limericks! I need to stop by much more often, because I don't recall seeing anything about the Cool Cucumber blogfest. Sounds like it was fun! Happy New Year to you, Madeleine!

  6. Haha! Your limerick was awesome! Loved it :D

  7. Love your limericks. It's always fun to teach. Love the image too and I see you have some goals like mine. I'm going to submit every week, somewhere!


  8. What wonderful, and modern, limericks, Madeleine. I can never get the rhythm thing right. I just can't hear it in my mind.

  9. Love the limericks. A lot of people seem to lose the rhyme and meter of the things. Well done.

  10. Hehehe love your limericks. I've never written one before. Maybe I should try my hand at it.


  11. Hi Madeleine .. it's been amazing weather .. I'm quite glad I'm a little hollow! Slightly sheltered - but it's sure been stormy.

    I wrote a limerick for a story I want to do at the Nursing Centre .. it's not brilliant - can you improve?! Her name is Doreen and she did come from GG!!

    There was a young lady called Doreen
    Who lived in that place Golders Green
    She migrated due south
    To hydrate to where she could preen
    Her timely reason to see the coastal routine

    Any ideas? It'll be fine as it is .. for what I want .. I'd like to do a few more occasionally - if the person hasn't got much life behind them ...

    She's sick at the moment - but her friend seemed to think she'd be very pleased with her story - an actual one .. similar to the blog!

    Cheers and have a great New Year ahead .. Hilary

  12. I'm going to follow in your footsteps and ignore the inner demons as I finish revising a manuscript.

    Happy new year to you!

  13. Awh thanks everyone. Sounds like you've all got great intentions for your writing routines.

    Hi Hilary, It's a great start. In Limericks, these 2 words* should rhyme:
    There was a young lady called Doreen
    Who lived in that place Golders Green
    She migrated due south*
    To hydrate to where she could preen*
    Her timely reason to see the coastal routine

    So, how about:

    There was a young lady named Doreen
    Who lived deep within Golders Green
    She migrated due south
    Well beyond Avonmouth
    To partake of the coastal routine

  14. Hi Madeleine .. no wonder I got it 'wrong' .. and couldn't get it quite right .. ok thank you .. I'll give it another go and/or may use yours ..

    Avonmouth is fine for you and I - but Doreen .. I'll definitely bear it in mind for the future ..

    So grateful to you .. cheers Hilary

  15. I plan to write and submit more this year too - I've made quite a good start.

  16. Thanks for your wonderful limericks and for mentioning my weekly Limerick-Off challenges. Great job writing them and explaining them!

  17. I've learnt something new today. Great limerick.

    Happy New Year!

  18. Love the Limericks. I finally wrote two limericks :)

    Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

  19. Love the Limericks! I plan on querying this year! Good luck with your writing!

  20. I'm going to set my inner demons up in a celebrity death match and bet on the winner :-)

  21. I enjoyed reading these. Now I want to write my own.

    I started the new year by signing up for a Round of Words in 80 Days to keep me motivated.


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