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Friday 13 January 2012

Guest Posting Today

Today I'm over at Misha's Blog HERE: My First Book
doing my
first ever Guest Post on
Beginning: What sparks the beginning of your piece of writing?
Do hop over NOW and check out my examples and share your views.
We'd both love to see you there.

I Just had a mega scary moment when blogger deleted my blog and access to my gmail account. The verification words were impossible to decipher, so I kept getting a sorry google couldn't help me message after I'd completed the form.

Eventually I clicked on 'cannot remember password', got verification via another email address and then my mobile and it all came back. Hoorah!
This is what has happened to several of my blog buddies recently and it's a total pain!

Oh and check out Michael Haynes blog for a great idea


  1. Read that post and left a comment :)

  2. Hi Madeleine! I found you first over at Misha's and I'm so glad I did! Loved the interview and happy to have found your blog :D

    Glad you got your accounts figured out. That IS a scary moment!

    All the best and happy Friday!

  3. I'll check it out also. And thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, Blogger can really be a bugger sometimes.

  4. Great post at Misha's!

    Happy Weekend :)

  5. Blogger did that to me a couple months ago. I almost DIED. Seriously.

    But, I waited a couple days and logged on again and voila, all was back like it had never disappeared.

    I feel for you Maddie. I know first hand how frustrating this can be.

    I'll go check you out a Misha's :)


  6. Hi Madeleine,
    I have just been over to Misha's excellent site and left a comment on your interesting guest post.
    I'm glad you got your blogging issues sorted out. Can be quite the pain.
    And gone four in the morning, I'm leaving this comment. Are you impressed? Do I get bonus points? lol
    Have a good weekend

    I do feel honoured!I do hope you had a great weekend too.
    Bonus points added to your subscriber account.

    Bless you Donna, Carol, Alex, Em, Jennifer and Jen. Thanks for your lovely comments

  8. Hi Madeleine .. thanks for putting back the pop up comment box so I can comment and not be frozen out in whichever browser I try.

    I can't comment on Misha's - but read your post .. it's great to hear your beginning and how you learnt to adapt and work your way round ..

    Love your Haikus, short stories et al - and always appreciate your help and advice over the months ..

    Cheers Hilary


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