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Friday, 27 January 2012


Thanks so much to you all for your well wishes.

While my back has recovered, our male cat, Borage, went missing last night and we hardly slept, couldn't eat and I feel like I've got raw potato in my stomach.

It is completely out of character for him, as he is rather timid and loves his food so he comes home lots. He's inquisitive and likes to play and is comical and affectionate. Last night was one of the coldest this winter...

Don't feel at all like writing...

Can't concentrate on anything...

I'll be back blogging properly soon, I hope.
Our minds imagine all sorts of horrors and scenarios and then we try to tell ourselves he'll be fine. He'll be home soon. And then...

Hoorah he's been found. The neighbour who told us they hadn't been in their garage all day yesterday then found that actually he was in their garage sitting on a pile of cloths on a shelf.  "Sorry they forgot they had been in there, once, in the afternoon"

It's one way to get me to exercise. I haven't walked so much in ages (all around the neighbourhood).

One thing, though, it did give me food for thought for a creepy thriller story...


  1. Oh Madeleine, that hurts! I hope Borage has returned unscathed!


  2. Silly independent cats! Understand the distraction/un-motivation! Hope he's back soon...

  3. Oh no, I hope you can come back to us with good news soon.

  4. Oh no! :-( Oh I hope you find him soon! I hope lovely Borage returns home soon!! Oh dear! I am so sorry and I thoroughly understand. I'd be beyond devastated if Charlie went missing! :-(

    Fingers crossed Borage returns! Take care

  5. I really hope he comes home soon. I can imagine how you're feeling and how hard it is to concentrate on anything else.

  6. What a worry! Especially when you're feeling a bit under par. I know that potato feeling - Hope he returns soon, full of his adventure :-)
    All best

  7. Yay for the happy update! So scary when they run off and you don't know where they are.

  8. I'm so glad Borage is safe. Whew!

    Hope the back relaxes soon. Take some time to take care of yourself.


  9. Glad he's found, Madeleine! Life can go on as before! Happy for you!


  10. Glad that Borage your cat was found. Have a good weekend.

  11. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad he was found! My heart broke reading the beginning of your post, and I'm so glad it had a happy ending. Your cat is a doll, give him a hug from me!

  12. Oh my...I was heart broken for you! (glad you're feeling better!!) I know the pain of losing a beloved kitty friend. It's horrible and been 3 years and I still cry for him from time to time. SO I am ECSTATIC he was found! HURRAY!!

  13. I'm so glad to hear he was found!

  14. Oh, my heart sank reading this -- I'm SO glad he showed up! What a huge relief.

  15. I'm so happy you found him! What a relief! That kind of thing is no fun to go through-- even if it does give you good story thoughts. :)

  16. PHEW, I am so glad you found kitty! I was worried there'd be a sad ending :( I've got two kitties myself and right now it's really hot, so I worry about them overheating during the days.

  17. So glad he's been found. I would be horrified if I lost my female cat. She is so important to me.

  18. Hi Madeleine .. thank goodness for that - Borage looks just delightful .. and oh pussycats are such a pleasure. So pleased he's found safe and well - bet you slept soundly recently ..

    Look after yourselves and glad your back is better .. cheers Hilary

  19. Glad your back is better, and that Borage has been found.

  20. When I read the title of this post my heart sank, but the good news at the end cheered me up. I'm glad Borage was found.

  21. So glad to hear of the recovery of both cat and back!


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