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Friday 21 December 2012

Choose your own Apocalypse Blogfest

December 21st is believed by some to be the day the world is either going to have a rebirth or end. 

So what greater way to celebrate than with this witty blogfest happening on 21.12.12 TODAY! Hosted by Shannon Lawrence at the Warrior Muse & Chuck at Apocalypse Now

I've always been drawn to apocalypse stories, films, TV dramas and almost always been disappointed, like with The Road, Mad Max, Waterworld etc written by men and full of bleak depravity about men running round with guns trying to take charge, shooting at others and blowing things up. Sigh!  

 Maybe I'm just being too girlie about it!

I appreciated The Postman where there was hope with one man using his gumption to inspire others. I enjoy films where one man uses his wits to outwit others like Die Hard and Bourne, so combining that with a post apocalyptic setting works for me.

When I was a teenager, I enjoyed the TV series Survivors based on the novel by Terry Nation but once again in both the 1970's and noughties, men ran around with guns, a vast building fell down for inexplicable reasons and not much actual surviving was happening.

I wanted to see a return to the old crafts and ways of living and them using clever survival tactics against adversity. 

Also, the characters kept saying that society had gone back to the dark ages, forgetting that they had the luxury of modern insights into science/knowledge, technology, medicine etc, as a basis for building a better future, drawing on the basic survival strategies and salvaging the technology and the industrial innovations, so they were hardly medieval. Indeed medieval people would probably know how to survive better than us! I wanted to see them struggling to grow their own food, make their own clothes utensils, converting what they had, using herbs etc. etc. 

My dad was a very resourceful man (and something of a basement inventor), so he would have come up with some great ways to get jobs done without electricity  etc.

The children's TV programme, Jackanory once had a story describing two children trying to survive in what seemed like a post-apocalyptic survival setting,  I loved the idea of them creating their own world and being resourceful. The story ended with them returning home again to their families. I wish I could read it again now.

I wonder whether the new celebs would become those who could show survival gumption. 

You'd certainly want them on your team wouldn't you? Like the TV celebs
Peter Ginn, Ruth Goodman and Alex Langlands.

Oh and below are some post apocalyptic books I've read and enjoyed:

Sunday 16 December 2012

Yo Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! ~ Haiku

Stockings finished
Christmas tree up

Presents bought

All that's left is to catch up on visiting all your lovely blogs.

And wish you all a fabulous Christmas.

A Confused Christmas Weather Haiku
 for you.
Reindeer and snowflakes,
Sunshine with blustery winds
Is it Christmas yet?