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Sunday 4 December 2011

What's a cliche? BLOGFEST

Should we eliminate clichés from our writing, because they are



Here's your chance to use a cliché or set of clichés in a humourous or witty way. Make it the punchline of your piece or liberally sprinkle the piece with them.

They say there's no such thing as an original idea. In other words it's been thought of before, but you can put an original spin on a tired, hackneyed or stale idiom and make it your own.
Liberally sprinkle your entries with well placed clichés or make them the twist to your tale.

Make it the twist on the punch line to your story. Or make it a witty observation: e.g. Rachel's Holiday by Marion Keyes (1997) He kept touching his hair, which, as well as being dyed to within an inch of its life, was blow dried flicked and rigid with spray.

You may choose whichever idiom you like, such as 'The cat that got the cream'; 'As cool as a cucumber'; 'As good as gold', 'Kick the bucket'. Max 400 words for Flash Fiction.


SIGN UP TO THE LINKY BELOW AND POST TODAY 5th decemeber, which is also Karla's Birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Karla


  1. Sorry, seem to have added a link when I didn't mean too - only my second one links to my cliche effort.

    Still, as a ditzy writer who doesn't quite know what's going on outside her fictional world is a bit of a cliche, maybe I'll be forgiven this error.

  2. Thanks Patsy and Congratulations on your clever poem.

  3. I love playing with cliches! Here's an old limerick of mine that's cliche-ridden:

    “Keep your chin up, and things will be fine.
    Just act brave. Do not bitch, flinch, or whine.
    You have the right stuff.
    You just have to hang tough.”
    Does anyone fall for that line?

  4. Bravo Madeleine! I Loved the verse.

    BTW Patsy I have removed the 1st link, so there's only one for you now.

  5. Thanks Madeleine! (These "Madeleine to Madeleine" conversations are weird, aren't they? :) )

  6. Hi Madeleine
    Tanks so much for birthday wishes on your blog!! Re the blogfest, I've just put actual my entry up now (I'm afraid the cliches in my previous one were purely coincidental!)
    Should have done it a bit earlier but had birthday lie in :-)
    Thank again

  7. Let the party begin! Yay!

    Thanks for a fun blogfest Madeleine!!

    Take care

  8. I'm certainly no writer but have fun with this Blogfest.

  9. Madeleine Begun: That was a swell limerick :) Way funny.



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