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Monday, 12 December 2011

Snatching Moments & Limericks

Hi all, It's been crazy busy here at Maddocks Mansions, but  I promise to get round to answering those of you who have commented on my most recent posts and reading your posts soon.

In the meantime, here's some more Limericks.

Ms. Kane sets the first line of the limerick each week and the rest is up to you:

A gal who was frequently prone
To chatting for hours on the phone
Heard her hubby complain
(Though his words were in vain)
That she’d likely end up all alone.

A guy who was frequently prone
Lay face down in the mud all alone
He’d gone clubbing that night
Now he looked quite a sight
And the smell clearly wasn’t cologne

A guy who was frequently prone
To pronounce "You shall reap what I've sown"
Married several times over
Though naught were in clover
Has got plenty of time to bemoan.
A gal who was frequently prone
To fondle her husband’s trombone,
Gave the slide a quick lick,

Then, as a deft little trick,
Played the mouthpiece to make hubby groan.

Sorry slightly risque one  

A man was attempting to eat
As he tried to get up from his seat
His plate contents fell
And he shouted ‘Oh hell!’
As he stood with his food on his feet.

A gal was attempting to eat
An entire menu complete.
She progressed from the fish
To the main menu dish
With her eye on the most tempting treat.

This week's prompt: A man/gal who was terribly high 

Can you add the rest? Hop over to Mad Kane's Blog and have a go. (Link above)

A gal who was terribly high
Gazed blearily out through one eye.
She blinked once or twice
And then in a trice
Injected more coke in her thigh


  1. LOVE these!! LOL!! Especially the smelly cologne man! LOL! Wonderful limericks - more please!
    Take care

  2. Hi Jennifer/Old Kitty.
    Glad you're not shocked by the one laced with innuedndo! ;O)

  3. Madeleine,
    Great treat in your Limericks!


  4. The trombone one made me snort :-)

  5. Great limericks! I love the first one - reminds me of some people I know. :)

  6. Oh my gosh, those were FABULOUS!! I loved them all!

  7. LOL, these are too funny! What a great idea for a prompt!

  8. Your limericks are all delightful!

    And I really appreciate your plugging my weekly Limerick-Offs.

    I sure hope some of your fans will stop by and give them a try!


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