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Friday 2 December 2011

A Positive Rejection

I scheduled this post for this morning only to find when i checked that it was empty, so I'm trying again!


A Positive Rejection by Madeleine Maddocks

Sent to a magazine
By way of competition.
My short story, a piece of fiction.

My fingers crossed, as my toes were too,
And my breath was bated
As I waited and waited.

When the email arrived
It made quite clear
They liked my story, which was fantastic to hear

Though it failed to fit their particular theme,
They seemed keen to see
more of my prose, to them from me.

Have you had positive rejections?


  1. Great poem, Madeleine. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. "They seemed keen to see more of my prose" -- isn't that a great feeling?

  3. What a great rejection!! I love those kinds of rejections. I find them so encouraging.

  4. Thank you Lynda, Milo and Rachna
    Yes despite being a rejection it was very encouraging.

  5. Cool poem! Yes, for rejections, postive ones are nice.

  6. How lovely to receive a positive within a negative - keep on keeping on:-)

  7. I know the 'waited and waited' feeling all too well!

    Yes, I have had rejections that included words of encouragement to help reduce the sting. Hope you'll take note of this and send them more stuff.

  8. That was great. No, I haven't had any positive rejections :( Just the standard ones.

    I've got my entry for the blogfest all scheduled for tonight; but I see you only have seven participants. I'm shocked.

    I'll put up an advertisement post in a few minutes. Maybe people will see it and decide on a last minute entry . .


  9. I have, and even though I would prefer to have been accepted, the info or help I received was positive. It helps us keep going, don't you think? Helps us build character too. :) Good to see you today. Have a wonderful week!

  10. It's always nice to receive feedback like this, isn't it? Good luck with your next submission!

  11. Next time I hope it is all positive with no 'rejection' after it. Great poem.


  12. A positive rejection, set to a positive poem! Love it. :)

    I have received plenty of rejections, some positive; others, not so much. But, as an agent once told me, a rejection just gets you closer to "yes."

  13. I've had some great, encouraging rejections. Granted it would always be a better letter if it was a Yes, but...

  14. Nice blog....love your blog name.




  15. I do recognize the feeling of waiting on a publisher's reaction. I had the luck that one publisher would like to publish my haiku.
    There shall be a day that a publisher will publish your prose or poetry.

  16. Kudos, congrats, nice prose! :)
    enjoy gooseberry day!

  17. Yes, I have received the occassional encourging rejection letter. Rare, but it does happen. You just have to keep on writing!

  18. you are such a precious soul,

    Glad to have you share.
    charming poetry.


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