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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Insecure Writer's December and Malice Haiku #3

My thanks to Alex J Cavanaugh for hosting this monthly blog hop. I often lose my writing mojo and feel utterly defeated, especially when I get rejections, but I realise that if I give myself some quality time that inspires my creativity, relaxation and contentment it will return.
Of course positive feedback also helps salve my writing soul. 
The most important advice I've heard from successful authors is to believe in yourself; believe in your writing; stay determined; read widely, read and read some more.


How do you keep up your writing confidence?


  1. I love your haiku. They're excellent.

    Back in October, I wrote a lot of day job themed haiku. It had nothing to do with my WIPs but it boosted my confidence in my creativity for a little while.

  2. Beautiful. inspiring Haikus.
    Simple...but hard to do often....plug into old work and see the difference over the years, blogfests keep the creative juices flowing.
    When established authors leave encouraging comments, makes it worthwhile to keep trying....
    E publishing has helped many good writers see the light of the publishing day despite other rejections.
    Never give up as so many of blogger friends have told me.

  3. Rightly said Madeleine! The dastardly publishers who badgered and bullied, served them right! Stay strong and stay standing. Successful authors had come a long way with strong resolve!


  4. I keep my writing confidence high by always having lots of work out for consideration. However many rejects I get there's still something waiting for a (hopefully positive) response.

  5. Awww "salve your soul with love" - that's my mantra for today! thank you! Take care

  6. Sounds like good advice to me. If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to. Although, of course, a little encouragement goes a long way.

  7. Really loved how you put this together.

  8. That confidence ebbs and flows. I'll admit I write better when I'm feeling good about myself and my abilities. If you figure out how to make that feeling last I'll give you a dollar (or a pound). :)

  9. What a lovely post. I think staying determined, writing, and reading as much as possible are keys to success, whatever that means (it's often specific to an individual). Writing can be so tough on us, yet we love it and trudge onward. : )

  10. Constant emails between me and my favorite critique partner and BFF. We prop each other upon a daily basis. And I keep working on my story and my query. Each gets better every time. And knowing you have something really good helps, too. Never doubt yourself and surround yourself with folks who love, support and inspire you.

    Keep on writing!

  11. Very nice. Thanks for the redirect. I love Haiku,although it'sis difficult.
    Nice space. I love the leaves.

  12. In the space of an hour my confidence will come and go so fast I get whiplash.

    Love the malice Haikus, especially the last one.

  13. I just keep going somehow. I manage cause I'm not ready to sink quite yet.

    Tossing It Out

  14. Sometimes I get down
    But I have wonderful friends
    Who give confidence

  15. An acceptance always gives me a great boost. Try some of the more approachable venues, find them on duotrope. (But don't get sad if an approachable venue turns you down, happens to me all the time.)

    Do you ever write horror, science fiction or fantasy haiku's? if so you should try Scifaikuest, they're a great venue.

  16. Beautiful and inspiring. I just think you need to have the confidence in your self to boost your writing and know in your heart that you will succeed.
    Happy Writing!

  17. Good advice! And I like the "soul-salving" haiku best. =]

  18. Same here; if I take a break to recharge, I'll often be ready to write again later. :)

    I love the haiku!

  19. I like the haiku! Excellent. It's so easy to get caught up in the fear and any negatives.

  20. Your haikus, Madeleine always leave me with a smile.

  21. Salve your soul with love
    What a beautiful and memorable line!

    Great advice to writers! Believe in yourself and don't be afraid to take a little break to rejuvenate the creative spirit!

  22. Hi Madeleine .. that's a pretty good description of the malice that grabs at us .. and tries to steal our creativity away ..

    Love the photo .. and your thoughts here .. hope you're feeling better - cheers Hilary

  23. I like your accompanying poem!
    Positive feedback does really help. But if we rely on what others say to boost us, then when others criticize our work, it will destroy us.
    Thanks for participating in the IWSG!

  24. Lately I rely on blogfests to keep up my writing confidence. Not so much the comments/critiques as the fact that I was able to write to a theme in a manner that satisfied me as a writer.

    Completing any project seems a chore for me over the last few months . .

    And, having positive, upbeat people (authors) around me makes my blues feel vibrant, not dull.

    Thanks for being a bloggy friend Maddy :)


  25. Thanks Brianna, Rachna, Shannon,Golden Eagle, Milo, Anne, Deborah, Sarah,Lee, MJ, Rex, Kaykuala, Old Kitty, Patsy, Lynda, BFKnownAs, Farawawy, Nancy, Cynthia & Luanne.

    Bless you too Donna & Hilary. I agree with what you say.

    Alex, so true, external validation isn't as good as internal self belief, which is much more sustaining.

  26. Well that wonderful Haiku shows no sign of lost writing mojo! It is just great. Seems like you have defeated the dastardly villains and bullies!

  27. I loved your haiku! And yep, I think confidence is a precious commodity for writers. Necessary, but sometimes so illusive.


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