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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Haiku Challenge #2 Cold

Write your own Haiku

in the comments below.
There's no limit on how many haiku you can write for this challenge, so what are you waiting for...?

What does Cold conjure for you?

Last week's winner was so hard to choose between those excellent entries: 

Goes to Misha Gericke Well Done!

Honorary mentions: Sara and Trisha

If you're not sure of the rules for writing Haiku,
check out the link

Maybe haiku turn you cold?


  1. Brrrrrr!!!! These freezing haikus are making me shiver! Yay! Love em!Take care

  2. Beautiful but chilly! And I hope someone helped that poor cow out of the snow.

  3. I love the cold as long as I can watch from somewhere warm. ;) Here's my attempt:

    A friend's hand
    Pulled back unexpectedly
    When needed the most

  4. Hi Madeleine! It's Christmas so I'll embarrass myself with a haiku!

    What does cold mean to me?

    Icy cider
    Cubes dancing in glass-enclosed light
    Gasping thirstquencher

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Thank you Old Kitty & Cynthia

    Janet.I enjoyed your verse and can relate to the message.

    Denise, I loved the fun spin on the theme of yours.

  6. Yay thanks! I never won a Haiku challenge before. :-D

  7. Darn, I'm addicted to this now:

    Winter in the North
    While I am eating icecream
    Reversed come July

  8. i will never experience such cold over here in the tropics, but thanks to your haiku i get a glimpse of what i have missed. it's beautiful but i don't think i can stand such cold weather. :)


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