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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Pondering on Haiku

Jenn at www.youknowthatblog.com has set this week's challenge word as Ponder

Blank, virgin pages
Pondering how to begin
Novel ideas, pause.

Life's cycle through words
Absorbing concentration
Pen poised on paper

Inspiration sought
Freeing the mind to create
Nature's stimulant

I've had a guest staying over the weekend, which was lovely but I was poorly, which was crap and I've been struggling with faulty technology and fighting bureaucracy. So that is why I've been pretty quiet in blogland earlier this week.
My fancy Smartphone is in for repair, my ADSL filter has been replaced, Hoorah!
BUT the bureauocrats are winning on the battles front so far! Poo!
Hope you've all had satisfying weeks.

I haven't forgotten to award the Talli fest prizes. Will announce those on Friday.

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For those of you reading this on Thursday.
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  1. Hi Madeleine .. good luck at getting everything sorted - I too have been having hassles & it takes a leap of faith to pull my head up and get on with life .. sometimes - I'd love to be an ostrich til the Spring! Keep happy and wishing you well - Hilary

  2. Please rest and enjoy your guest! Oh crikey, that rhymed!!

    Love your haikus as always!!! Pondering hurts sometimes! Take care

  3. Oh, I hope you're feeling better now. Keep fighting the fight - you never know, you may win :-)

    I loved the haikus this week.

  4. Pondering can be so frustrating too when faced with that blank paper or screen. Nice use of the prompt!

  5. A large blank piece of paper can be so daunting ... and if it remains blank -- the daunting looms!! Hope you are feeling better!

  6. I've found that the best way to begin is...to begin! :)

    My Favorite Pondering

  7. ie, writers block? or daydreaming for me...

  8. Haiku is fun to write. I remember one I wrote when the Detroit Lions (my team!) went 0-16 a few years back regarding their quarterback....

    A moonball is thrown

    We're on the road to nowhere

    Where is my clipboard.

  9. Hi Madeleine. Your haiku reminded me of me on Day 1 of NaNo,and Day 2,3,3...lol. Hope you have your bureaucracy sorted. Hard to win there. And I hope you're now feeling great!


  10. Great Job Madelaine...
    A perfect Trio...G

  11. I always like your haiku! "Blank virgin pages" -- so you're a fellow longhander, eh? =]

  12. I can relate to your haiku...I am always pondering it seems on what I will write...great haiku

  13. nice progression...i think the third is my favorite...writing is a great pleasure of mine...

  14. I love the haikus--especially the first one. :)

  15. Sorry I'm WAY late visiting this time - it's been crazy.

    I like the way you put this together! Nicely done!


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