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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Meditate Haiku

Jenn has set us Meditate as the challenge word this week.

A lovely novel
Meditative practices
Nature's antedote

Great words of wisdom
Combined with meditation
An answer to prayers

Shame about the film
Little time to meditate
The message was lost

Just empty your mind
Being at one with nature
Energies restored.

Okay everyone, it seems I have no takers, as yet, for my Blogfest
Tell me, is it a challenge too far?

I shall be posting an interview with the lovely Talli Roland on Friday about her early journey into writing with a Giveaway prize.

Here's my Limerick for this week
Ms. Kane sets the first line and the rest is up to you:

A fellow who went through a phase
Enjoyed Star Trek in so many ways
With his stun gun and suit
One and all thought him cute
As he basked in celestial rays


  1. Love that last one, thank you.

    I love the sound of your blogfest. I'm not entering any at the moment because I'm struggling right now with the whole idea of writing.

  2. Hi Sarah I know exactly how you feel. I have decided to read lots and analyse plots and I plan to go on a writer's retreat sometime next year (fingers crossed)

  3. Oh I'm feeling most calm and at one with the world! Yay!

    Take care

  4. Lovely novel, shame about the film - hee hee love it!

  5. The last one is perfect and I just feel great reading it!! Thank you Madeleine for that one!!

  6. Love the 'Eat, Pray, Love' one! And yay for Friday! :)

  7. wonderful examples of meditation =)

  8. "Just empty your mind
    Being at one with nature
    Energies restored"

    I'll be holding onto this one today!

  9. Love the way you made your set a book review! Well done!!

  10. Lovely haiku! And congrats for winning yet another Limerick-Off Honorable Mention! Limerick of the Week 35.

  11. I love Eat, Pray, Love. Also your blogfest is one of those where you wait to have your post up before you link so you won't know who's thinking of joining. Am I right?


  12. Excellent calming haiku for meditation.

  13. ...and a great limerick, to boot!

  14. Am I going crazy? I can swear your limerick wasn't there when I posted a comment before. Then again, I'm still in my post-cruise dizzy state. :)

    Thanks for another fun Limerick-Off limerick!

  15. Loved the Eat, Pray, Love ... OK, the others, too.

    November has been crazy & next week starts the big holiday season in the US. I've had bouts of carpal tunnel flare ups & Husband was kind enough to give me his virus.

  16. Old Kitty, Nanka, Tara, Anthony, Milo - I'm glad you appreciated my last haiku after the 3 warm up ones.

    I'm pleased you like my book review ones The Brave, Talli, Denise, Mary & Jenn. Yes I've just realised it's my 1st haiku-set LOL! Something I've been wanting to do for a while.

    Madeleine Kane, no you're not mad I added it later in the post and thanks Milo. Glad you both enjoyed my silly Limerick.

  17. Denise Re: Blogfest. I hope you are right, bless you!

  18. Love the Star Trek limerick!
    Can't wait to visit with Talli :-)

  19. I love the eat, pray, love and the limerick....

  20. Hi Deniz and Susie, I'm glad the Limerick tickled your fancy. I was thinking up another this morning I may add.


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