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Friday 18 November 2011

Hating Game Giveaway and Interview

Meet Talli Roland, Author and Blogger
I asked her about her writing journey before she became successful, here's what she said:

If you are a follower of this blog and would like to be in with a chance to win either a paperback of Talli's debut novel, The Hating Game,
or a Kindle copy of any of her novels,

then leave a COMMENT below with your email address and let me know which one you'd like to read.


  1. What a really fun unique way of presenting the interview with amazing Talli! Yay!!!

    Aww thanks for this Madeleine. I'm so glad Talli found her inner humour and biting wit - that's what made Hating Game most amazing! Take care

  2. I loved Talli's first two novels, can't wait for the third!

  3. Madeleine, thank you so much - wow, I love the lay out! I'm thrilled to be on your blog.

    Old Kitty, thank you! I'm glad I found some wit, too... :)

    Christine, thank you so much for your kind words.

  4. Hi Talli, your book sounds great. I would love to win the Kindle copy of The Hating Game.

    Thanks, Madeleine for hosting, Talli.

  5. Excellent "interview". Love all the photos and great answers from Talli.

    I'd love to win a paperback of The Hating Game.

    luannegsmith (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Have a great weekend. :)

  6. What a great way to do an interview! I love getting a peek into the mind behind the story, this was fabulous :)

    I would love, love (and did I mention love?) to have a copy of The Hating Game, it's been on my wishlist for months!


  7. Great interview! I am proud to have Talli as my bully...sorry mentor. I consider myself as one of the luckiest writers out there, she is vibrant, supportive and always on the wine...sorry always producing good books.

    Brilliant layout and interview, Madeline.

  8. Talli-isms! I like it.
    I think her latest is the only one I haven't downloaded yet. My bad.

  9. Hi Talli and Madeline ... I loved the interview.

    So I'm a new Talli Roland reader and have Talli's latest book on my Kindle, just waiting to hit the top of my TBR pile so I can read it. :) So either of Talli's first two books would be great. Thank you!

  10. I'd love to read a paperback version of Talli's first novel. I have her current one, ready to read. I just need to finish what I am currently reading first.

  11. Racha, thank you for dropping by!

    LG, thank you! Madeleine did a great job laying out the interview - hats off to her!

    Darian, good to see you here!

  12. Glynis, ha! Bully, me? :) Thank you for your lovely words.

    Jack, thank you!

    Alex, I quite like Talli-isms, too! :) Thanks for your support, as always.

    Sheila, thank you so much your support! I hope you like it.

    Hi Cathy! Lovely to see you here!

  13. This layout is absolutely stunning! Great interview, Talli. I felt like I was reading about Serenity though LOL. Build a Man might be semi-autobiographical perhaps?

  14. Talli,
    A great interview. I have read all your books and I love them!
    Looking forward to the next!

  15. Wonderful presentation Madeleine, well done. I adored the Hating Game and can't wait to get my hands on the other two :-)

  16. Great quotes and advice Talli - it's good to see other writers' histories sometimes, reminds us that we're not alone! Ah, the things we wrote when we were younger, eh?

  17. Love those quotes and photos of Talli! I STILL haven't read THE HATING GAME and really want to. My email: artzicarol [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  18. Bless you all for your lovely comments about the presentation of this post.
    Thanks again to Talli for providing some interesting insights into the early journey of a published author. :O)

  19. Hi Madeleine! I love the way you did this interview! The quoted answers and photos are amazing! I've got all of Talli's books...I've read The Hating Game and loved it! I'm going to read Watching Willow Watts next :)

  20. How bizarre! I came by and commented yesterday, but Blogger clearly didn't like my comments! :) A big thank you to everyone for dropping by! I really appreciate the support! And another giant thanks to Madeleine for hosting me.

  21. What a lovely interview! And what a fun way of presenting Talli to us:)
    New follower here:)

    I would love to win a paperback of "The hating game"
    My email address is

    Ananda from

  22. I'm buying the books, so don't enter me in the contest. Just wanted to say hi!

  23. Great interview! Please don't enter me in the contest. My new Kindle Fire is arriving next week, and Talli's books are on my list to download. I can't wait.

  24. I love the formatting of the interview all in boxes. That probably took some time to do. /waves to Talli

  25. I love the interview..and the presentation of the interview. Really eye-catching. (I'm an artist as well as a writer hehehe).
    I LOVED Watching Willow Watts, but I haven't read The Hating Game yet. Would LOVE the kindle copy.

  26. Madeleine, I love how you've set out this interview, with the quotes and the photos. Fantastic!

    Talli, I know what you mean about just wanting to "tell the story"! I make up my settings so I don't have to research real ones!

    I've already read Watching Willow Watts, and the next one I'd love to read is The Hating Game.

  27. What a fun interview! Love the way your presented it.

  28. Great interview! :)

    I love the way you posted it in images, with pictures of Talli.

  29. I just love Talli - her blog is always a must-read!

  30. Hi Madeleine .. I agree with Talli - great layout .. love it.

    Love too your info Talli and the build up to writing seriously .. loverley .. now where's the red-head might I ask?

    Hating Game is a great read - sadly no kindle .. so no entry! I'll catch the boat up one day ..

    Happy Thanksgiving to us UKers .. with no holiday this weekend .. or roast turkey ..

    Cheers to you both .. a fun read - Hilary

  31. Hi,
    I'll like to win paperback.
    My mail:


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