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Saturday 5 November 2011

Confessions of an Insecure Writer #2

Thanks to Alex J Cavanagh for this opportunity to share our writerly woes.

Okay here it is my confession:

If I tell you all what I am working on at the moment then something will prevent me from completing the MS and I'll look like a complete fibber or someone who is full of ideas that don't come to fruition.
There I have admitted now... I have several projects that I am researching, writing in different genres.

Life all too often gets in the way and needing an income often colours my writerly flow/ambitions.

How about you?

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  1. exactly! ditto! same here! you're reading my mind!
    it's a delicate balance to make time for what we love to do!

  2. I think that's true for all of us :o) We just don't all admit it! heheee. You'll be okay. That's why I only write when I feel like it. No pressure. The pressure stops it from being fun.

  3. I have the same fear. I thought speaking about my novel publicly would actually make me finish it. Didn't quite work :-(

  4. I do understand. I like to keep some things to myself in case they go wrong. Sometimes it eases the pressure if no one knows your intentions. But, on the other hand, sometimes it spurs you on to completion. It can go either way1

  5. I don't like to talk too much about what I'm working on - partly because it usually changes so much that the piece I finish isn't the one I started.

  6. I tend to go the other way. If I tell someone I am entering this competition or writing that story - then I'm driven to finish what I said I was doing in order to "save face"! LOL! So I tend to be very very very quiet these days! LOL!

    Big hugs to you! take care

  7. I hear ya. That's just how it goes, I guess.

  8. Yeah, I sometimes wish I never told anyone that I'm writing, because now there are expectations!

  9. Same here. I've told a few people that I write . . . and then, when they asked about my projects, I felt like I wasn't living up to some standard.

  10. Madeleine, you'll be fine. Many of us are juggling lots of projects and who knows how many will see the light of day due to time constraints and lack of motivation.

    Oh and I love your poem previous post.


  11. Hi Madeleine,
    Life can get in the way of writing pursuits. I know what it's like to remain focused on any type of writing when personal problems have been all-consuming.
    Yet, I look at it like this. I shall channel these tough times into verbalising my thoughts at a later time, without putting myself under pressure.
    Stay positive, keep smiling and happy writing.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  12. Hmm, yeah, I'm with you on this one. I do tend to keep very quiet about my writing projects!

  13. Hi Madeleine .. despite all the interruptions of winter, economy etc .. you're still being creative and thinking ..

    It's getting those ideas down into some form of 'map' so that you can the plan out ..

    Good luck and keep going - it's not an easy time at all for anyone - as Gary says stay positive, keep smiling and be happy (whether writing or not) .. cheers from a gloomy south coast - as you know! Hilary

  14. I can't discuss what I'm working on until I'm several chapters on my way - more than that to be really safe. If I share it, all the energy and will to write just go out of the idea. It sounds so flat and unconvincing.

    So, all I do is to say that I've started something ... which has the additional advantage, if no-one knows what it is, they don't know if I change it, never finish it ... Goodness knows what I'll do if I ever have to pitch future projects to a prospective publisher. Stop being such a wimp and get on with it, I suppose.

  15. I'm with you. I keep quiet about it until things progress. Not sure if it's superstition or anxiety.

  16. I know what you mean, it's almost like a jinx or something. I'm also highly vulnerable to naysayers, and if I share details of projects too early I can sometimes get discouraged before I've fully fleshed them out. I tend to give vague answers when people ask what I'm working on. :)

  17. Oh! I'm similar! I never want to say "I will..." or "this will be completed on..." but instead speak in general terms "we're hoping to have this project done by..." Just in case!


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